Our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) is part of the planning framework for the borough and sets out how we will consult with the community when we prepare planning documents and consider major planning applications. 

What is the Statement of Community Involvement?

Our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) details how we will encourage the public to get involved in the planning process - ranging from sending out leaflets, putting adverts in the local newspapers, inviting people to meetings or holding local exhibitions in all parts of the borough.

The SCI sets out how we will consult people on the local plan, and on other policy documents.

It also sets out how we will consult with you when there is a proposed development near where you live. We usually send letters to residents who live immediately next door to a proposed development, but occasionally we will send letters to more people if we think there is a wider interest in the scheme. For applications that propose large developments, or those in conservation areas or affecting a listed building we will place adverts in the local newspapers and put notices around the site.

Adopted SCI

The latest version of the SCI was adopted by full council in July 2021.

Adopted Statement of Community Involvement, July 2021 (PDF 1.09mb)