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Authority Monitoring Reports

Last Modified January 26, 2018

The publication of Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR) ceased in 2012 when s113 of the Localism Act came into force requiring Councils to prepare reports monitoring the implementation and impact of planning policies.  This page contains both historic Monitoring Reports and the most recent monitoring data, including annual monitoring of the 5 year housing land supply position in Hertsmere.

Latest Monitoring Data

Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) Update 2016/17 - Main Report

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 1 

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 2

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 3

FYLS 2016/17 Appendix 4

Previous Monitoring ReportsAnnual Monitoring Report front cover

Five Year Land Supply (FYLS) 2015/16

FYLS 2015/16 Appendix 1

FYLS 2015/16 Appendix 2

FYLS 2015/16 Appendix 3

Technical Appendix to AMR 2014/15 and 2015/16

Authority Monitoring Report 2013/14 - main part and Technical Appendix to AMR 2013/14

Authority Monitoring Report 2012/2013

Annual Monitoring Report 2011/12
Annual Monitoring Report 2010/11
Annual Monitoring Report 2009/10
Annual Monitoring Report 2008/09
Annual Monitoring Report 2007/08
Annual Monitoring Report 2006/07
Annual Monitoring Report 2005/06
Annual Monitoring Report 2004/05 and Appendix 1 - Indicator Matrix
Annual Monitoring Report 2003/04


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