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Authority Monitoring Reports

Last Modified June 08, 2016

We are required to prepare an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) to monitor the implementation and impact of planning policies. 
The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and its associated regulations identify five interrelated monitoring tasks which we are required to include: 

  • Review progress in preparation against the timetable in the Local Development Scheme
  • Assess the extent to which existing policies are being implemented
  • If appropriate, explain why policies are not being implemented and set out steps to be taken to ensure implementation of the policy or whether the policy is to be amended or replaced
  • Identify the significant effects of implementing policies and whether these are as intended, and
  • Set out which policies are to be amended or replaced.

Latest Monitoring Reports

The following sections of the Technical Appendix to the AMR 2014/15 and 2015/16 are being made available now. 

The final version of the appendices will be issued as soon as possible along with the main reports.

Technical Appendix to AMR 2014/15 and 2015/16

AMR 2013/14

The AMR has been overhauled and the format changed since last year in order to facilitate monitoring of the council’s Core Strategy.

Authority Monitoring Report 2013/14 - main part

Technical Appendix to AMR 2013/14

AMRs from previous years

Authority Monitoring Report 2012/2013Annual Monitoring Report front cover

Annual Monitoring Report 2011/12
Annual Monitoring Report 2010/11
Annual Monitoring Report 2009/10
Annual Monitoring Report 2008/09
Annual Monitoring Report 2007/08
Annual Monitoring Report 2006/07
Annual Monitoring Report 2005/06
Annual Monitoring Report 2004/05 and Appendix 1 - Indicator Matrix
Annual Monitoring Report 2003/04


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