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Bhaktivedanta Manor planning brief SPD

Last Modified October 19, 2015

The brief has been prepared by us in consultation with the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) to provide a clear plan for the future development of Bhaktivedanta Manor.

What is the brief?people outside Bhaktivedanta Manor in Letchmore Heath

Bhaktivedanta Manor is recognised as a site of special religious significance. In recent years a number of planning applications have been submitted in response to the pressures faced by the Bhaktivedanta Manor community. The needs of this community are outlined in the planning brief and are set out in more detail in the supporting documentation.

The site of Bhaktivedanta Manor is constrained in planning terms because the site is designated as Green Belt, the Manor is a listed building and part of the site is also located within a conservation area. The brief considers the current needs of the Manor against these planning constraints.

The brief highlights a number of options that were considered; however, a detailed assessment of the Manor identified the need for a bespoke, flexible building, known as a Haveli.

The brief highlights that a Haveli would serve the existing Manor’s needs and that conditions could be placed on the site to prevent the erection of temporary structures within the site if a Haveli were to be built.

Public consultation

The brief was subject to public consultation between 9 July and 10 September 2012. Two public exhibitions were also held.

After the public consultation

After the public consultation period, planning policy officers reviewed all of the comments received and made changes to the draft brief, where it was considered appropriate to do so.

The planning brief was adopted by the council in December 2012 and now has the status of a Supplementary Planning Document. This means that it will be an important consideration when determining any future planning applications.

Where can I view the brief and other related documents?

Bhaktivedanta Manor planning brief
Bhaktivedanta Manor planning brief: consultation supporting documentation

You can also inspect the documents at our main Civic Offices.


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