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Elstree Way Local Development Order

Last Modified October 19, 2015

looking east along Elstree WayElstree Way in Borehamwood is subject to a Local Development Order (LDO) which was adopted to extend permitted development rights in the area.

This means that planning permission is not needed for certain types of development.

The LDO will expire on 17 February 2014 after which we will review it and either renew it, amend it, or cancel it.

The subsequent removal of or changes to the LDO would not retrospectively affect properties in the Elstree Way area that have previously benefited from development carried out under the terms of the original LDO.

The types of developments allowed under the LDO without the need for planning permission include some rear and side extensions, new and replacement windows and entrance features, all of which would normally be expected to receive planning permission.
Office buildings on Elstree Way
It is hoped it will also encourage the installation of solar panels, which is an environmentally friendly way to create electricity.

 It would not give the green light to developments that could have a negative impact on the area and would not remove the need to comply with other controls such as building regulation approval, advertising consent, or environmental protection legislation.

See the Adopted Local Development Order for Elstree Way 

A design guide, which details the types of development that are acceptable without planning permission, is also available: Elstree Way Local Development Order Design Guide.


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