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Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Our revised Car Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document, which sets out the council’s off-street parking guidelines for new developments, comes into effect from Monday, 21 July, following a consultation process.

It has been revised to help address concerns that not enough parking was being provided at some new developments of flats and larger homes. Parking standards in Hertsmere have previously been based on the number of bedrooms per property, but the fact that some other rooms capable of being used as bedrooms were being described as studies and gyms, meant that developers could technically meet parking standards by showing a reduced number of bedrooms in each plot. The guidance has also been updated to reflect recent changes in national planning policy.

This document is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications, and should be read alongside the Planning and Design Guide and our other policies.

Revised Parking Standards July 2014



A revised SPD was adopted on 11 July 2014, with effect from 21 July 2014.

Parking Standards SPD July 2014

Consultation Statement - Parking Standards SPD July 2014 - includes a list of the changes made to the document.

Adoption Notice - Parking Standards SPD July 2014

Previous versions

Parking Standards SPD 2008

Parking Standards - Adopted Revisions (2010)


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