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Planning and Design Guide SPD

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Developments that are well-planned make a positive contribution to the built environment where people live, work and visit.
Our Planning and Design Guide aims to promote higher standards of design and layout in Hertsmere by setting out the key principles that we expect to be applied to new development in our borough. 

It has been adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which means that the standards and policies within it will be used when we assess planning applications.

It sets out our principles in order to help homeowners, developers and anyone one else carrying out work which requires planning permission. It covers the layout and appearance of both domestic extensions and new house building, as well as commercial development, including changes to shop fronts.  

Please note that Part B: Permitted Development has been withdrawn due to continuing changes to the General Permitted Development Order.

Design Guide Part A CoverPlanning and Design Guide - Part A: Overview and Context

November 2006





Design Guide Part C CoverPlanning and Design Guide - Part C: Site Appraisal: Design and Access Statements

November 2006

A site appraisal is a survey and evaluation of the existing characteristics of a site and its surroundings. We will expect to see a site appraisal submitted with applications for new residential, leisure, educational, social and commercial developments as part of an overall Design and Access Statement. This statement should show how proposals have considered the advice in this Planning and Design Guide and should illustrate how you arrived at the design.

Design Guide Part D Cover Planning and Design Guide - Part D: Guidelines for Development

June 2013

This section sets out general guidance for design in our borough. Part D applies to all types of development, although there is an emphasis on new development, and Part E contains more specific guidelines on residential extensions.

The revised version of Part D of the Planning and Design Guide was adopted by us in June 2013. This means that the guidance that is contained within the adopted document will be a material consideration when determining planning applications.

- Statement of Consultation

- Notice of Adoption

Design Guide Part E CoverPlanning and Design Guide - Part E: Guidelines for Residential Extensions and Alterations

November 2006

Part E sets out specific additional guidance for residential extensions where planning permission is required. All examples of alterations set out in this section require planning permission; if you are unsure whether your proposals need permission please refer to the Planning Portal's Interactive House.

Planning and Design Guide Clarification note for Part E

Appendix A: Garage Conversions January 2015 supplements Part E of the Planning and Design Guide SPD in relation to domestic garage conversions. Find out more about the consultation process for this document.

Planning and Design Guide Part F Front CoverPlanning and Design Guide - Part F: Shop Fronts

March 2011

Shop fronts are an important part of any town, district or neighbourhood centre and a high quality, well-designed row of shop fronts can help to attract more visitors and consequently help maintain or improve the vitality and viability of Hertsmere's retail centres.



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