A Peer Review of our Planning Service undertaken by the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA). Their Planning Peer Review Report, published on the 27 September 2019, identified opportunities for the department to deliver improved outcomes and put forward 48 recommendations of possible changes and areas of improvement for the Council to consider. In October 2019 we commenced a project to implement an Action Plan to carry forward the consideration of these recommendations. 

The comments and recommendations raised by the review do not indicate a failure of the current service, but areas which could benefit from improvement. It is highlighted in the report’s Executive summary that:

“the purpose of the Peer Review was to consider how the Council carries out its duties as a Local Planning Authority…to make recommendations for improvement in the context of an aspiration for the Council to deliver an excellent rather than an average or purely acceptable planning service”.

See The Planning Review Report (PDF 998kb) 

The position as at January 2020 in regard to the Action Plan is available here:

Operation Committee Report (PDF 241kb)

Action Plan Update (PDF 365kb)

A further update was provided to the Executive in March 2021, indicating that 45 of the 48 recommendations have now been actioned/completed. The remaining three were delayed due to restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. This can be found here:

Update to Executive March 2021