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Works to trees protected under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

Last Modified October 19, 2015

Before making an application to us, if you wish to undertake works to a protected tree, we recommended you seek advice from an appropriately qualified professional, either a tree surgeon or an arboricultural consultant.

Information about choosing a suitable person can be obtained from the Arboricultural Association.

Although we are able to give advice on proposals, this advice must not be taken as official approval and is given without prejudice to the determination of a formal application.

To submit an application for works to a tree protected under Tree Preservation Order (TPO), apply online at the Planning Portal or complete the form below:

The application must include:

  • A plan which identifies the tree(s) to which the application applies.
  • Exact details of the works for which consent is sought - eg. crown thin by X% (See tree surgery terminology below)
  • Statement of the reasons for making the application
  • Appropriate evidence (eg. if the proposal is to fell a tree because of structural damage to property, reports on soil type, foundation depth and evidence of tree roots around the building or if the application relates to tree health or safety, a report from a qualified person).

Any submission that does not include the above information will not be registered, and you will be required to provide the additional information before the proposals can be considered.

In determining an application, we will take into account the impact the works would have on the tree's visual contribution to the area and to good arboricultural practice.

Tree surgery terminology - what do we mean?


  • Crown - the part of the tree, which is above ground level, apart from the main stem
  • Crown thinning - the removal of selected branches throughout the crown to reduce its density by a given percentage, without reducing the tree's overall shape
  • Crown lifting - the removal of lower branches to increase the clearance ground level to provide access around the tree or prevent obstruction for vehicles using the highway
  • Crown reduction - reducing the height and spread of the crown by a given amount
  • Pollarding - the removal of the whole crown to a given point on the main stem
  • Dead wooding or crown cleaning - the removal of dead, dying, damaged or diseased branches, back to sound wood, for reasons of safety and appearance.

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  • John Devine
    1. At 6:41PM on 30 August 2015, John Devine wrote
    2 stars

    I am interested in application 15/1401/TPO regarding works to a tree protected by a TPO. However, the application document on the website contains only the first page meaning it is impossible to see the justification for the application. There is also no indication of whether, or by when, public comments are requested.

    I would be grateful if these issues are looked into and if I could then be advised of the outcome.

    Thank you.

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