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Planning decisions

Last Modified October 19, 2015

An application can either be approved, normally with conditions, or refused with a justified planning reason.Residential development at 14 London Road

A significant number of applications are decided upon by planning officers using what is know as a Scheme of Delegation, as part of our constitution.

In these cases, the officer will prepare a report for development control managers who will make a decision to approve or refuse the application, and impose any conditions deemed appropriate. The decision notice will then normally be dispatched to the applicant (or agent) on the same day or following day.

Although most applications are decided under delegated authority, applications for major developments, together with certain other categories of development, are determined by our Planning Committee, made up of local councillors. Some applications may also be referred to the committee by a ward councillor.

A decision on a particular planning application can be found in our Planning Application database .

If you want copies of decision notices and other planning documents, you will need to apply and pay a fee. See our Planning and Building Control Charges for details.

Please note that our online search facility is not presently available between 2.30am and 4am between Tuesday and Saturday and 2am and 5.30am on Sundays.


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