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Search for a planning application

Last Modified January 16, 2019


When we receive a planning application, whether it be for full planning consent or for a householder application, we place these applications onto our online Planning Application database. This is because we are legally required to publicise all planning applications, we do this by letter, and / or notices at the site, and / or notices within the local newspaper.  We welcome public comment on the effects planning proposals may have on yourself or the wider area.


Available documents

All application forms, plans and supporting information submitted as part of a current application are available to view on our online Planning Application database, including officer reports.  Other information such as consultation responses (in the case of neighbour responses, this would be a redacted copy) can be viewed on request.  Please email the details to to arrange.  We aim to deal with these requests within 3 working days.

Historic information

Almost all planning application decision notices back to 1947 are available to view on our online Planning Application database.

Plans and supporting information

The council is in the process of scanning historic planning application files.  If you can't find the information you need from our online Planning Application database, please email with details of the application number and the documents you would like to see so that we can arrange viewing (either online or at our Main Office if a paper file is available).

How to search for an application


If you would like to see the documents and plans associated with a particular planning application, you can use our online search facility.  You can search by application reference, address, date and many other criteria.. 

How to comment on a planning application

If you would like to make a comment on an application, you can do so though our online search facility.  Please note that there is a time restriction of one hour on the online comment box.  Alternatively, you can visit our How to check the progress and comment on a planning application page. This page provides a simple guide on what is considered a valid objection to a planning proposal, as well as how to make a comment on an application.

Please note that our online search and comment facility is not available between 2am and 4am Tuesday to Saturday.











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