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Last Modified October 19, 2015

We aim to provide you with free translations to enable you to access this website in as many different languages as possible. To do this we use on-line automated translation services.

Automatic computer translations such as these are by no means perfect, and may inevitably contain a number of errors. As such they should be used as a rough guide only.

Once translated you should be able to navigate the entire site in your chosen language.

Choose the language you would like to browse our site in from the list below:

Translations using Google Translate


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 العربية (Arabic)

 Français (French)

 Deutsch (German

Italiano (Italian)  

Português (Portuguese)  

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 Chinese flag

 Greek flag

 Japanese flag

 Korean flag

 Español (Spanish)

(Chinese (Simplified)

 Ελληνικά (Greek)

 日本語 (Japanese)

 한국어 (Korean)

 Russian flag

 Bulgarian flag

 Croatian flag

 Czech flag

 Danish flag

 Русско (Russian)

 българин (Bulgarian)

 hrvatski (Croatian)

 Ceski (Czech)

 dansk (Danish)

 Polish flag

 Romanian flag

 Serbian flag

 Slovenian flag

 Welsh flag

 Polski (Polish)

 român (Romanian)

 srpsk (Serbian)

 slovenski (Slovenian)

 Cymraeg (Welsh)

Other online language and translation tools

Note: For each language tool your browser settings may not allow you to view languages that use different character sets. To view these, please ensure that you have selected the correct encoding for the desired language before translating (in Internet Explorer, select the 'view' menu, then 'encoding', then 'more' and finally select your language).


Hertsmere Borough Council accepts no liability for the accuracy of translations on these sites or reliance upon information contained in those translations, nor does it endorse any product or service advertised by said vendor


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