We consider a number of new parking schemes each year in line with guidance from our Parking Management Strategy. You can see what new schemes are currently proposed in this section.

Formal notices of the proposed parking schemes are advertised in local newspapers and on lamp posts in the streets concerned, as well as being available below.

You are welcome to comment on any of the proposals during the dates shown, except for notice of variation for parking charges.

If you have a general enquiry relating to any of the proposals, contact parking.policy@hertsmere.gov.uk or telephone 020 8207 2277.

Bullhead Road parking study and consultation results

Residents of Bullhead Road asked the Council to investigate parking issues. The Council carried out two surveys of parking in January and March followed by a consultation with residents in April/May. The purpose of the consultation was to find out the views of all residents about the nature of parking problems and possible solutions - in particular was there either a desire or a need for a residents controlled parking zone (CPZ).

The Council takes a resident led approach to introducing CPZs and will only implement them if it is clear the majority of residents support them. The Council stated in the consultation that it would need 60% of those households consulted to support a CPZ. The responses to the consultation do not show a majority support for a CPZ. Details of the consultation results can be found here

The survey results show residents are concerned about traffic and parking at school drop off times. The results will be shared with the County Council. Note the County Council is proposing to introduce a new Zebra crossing by the Primary School in Hillside Road which should improve safety in the location and the Borough will continue to liaise with County officers about any safety issues.

Current Consultation

Bushey Mill Lane Disabled Persons Parking Place Order

Draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) (PDF 266KB)

Public Notice (PDF 282KB)

Consultation Letter (PDF 271KB)

Map (PDF 177KB)

 Please send any comments to parkingpolicy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 11 March 2024


Aldenham Road, Beechcroft Road, Bushey Hall Road, California Lane, High Road and Silverdale Road, Bushey Waiting Restrictions

Draft Traffic Regulation Order (PDF 226KB)

Formal Consultation Letter (PDF 182KB)

Notice of Proposal (PDF 280KB)

Statement of Reason (PDF 22KB)

Beechcroft Road and Silverdale Road Map (PDF 230KB)

Aldenham Road, Queens School Map (PDF 228KB)

California Lane Map (PDF 319KB)

Bushey Hall Road Map (PDF 250KB)

High Road Map (PDF 258KB)

Please send any comments to parkingpolicy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 5 February 2024

Three Valleys Way Waiting Restrictions

Consultation Letter (PDF 180KB)

Map (PDF 228KB)

Please send any comments to parkingpolicy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 12 February 2024

Aldenham Road Limited Waiting Bays

Consultation Letter (PDF 277KB)

Map (PDF 228KB)

Please send any comments to parkingpolicy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 12 February 2024

Kemp Place and Montague Hall Place Waiting Restrictions

Letter to residents (PDF 292KB)

Map (PDF 326KB)

Please send any comments to parkingpolicy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 19 February 2024


Closed Consultations

Documentation about closed consultations can be provided on request. Please send requests for information to parking.policy@hertsmere.gov.uk


Oakwood Avenue Waiting Restrictions

Armstrong Close Waiting Restrictions

Manor Way Waiting Restrictions

Mildred Avenue Waiting Restrictions

Meadow Road - Waiting Restrictions

Various Roads Bullhead Road - Proposed CPZ

Chandos Road Area - Waiting Restrictions

Oakwood Avenue - Waiting Restrictions


Bushey CPZ Area Review

Bushey Village – Resident Parking Scheme

Kemp Place – Resident Parking Scheme

Kemp Place Car Park

Meadowcroft - Waiting Restrictions

London Road/Vale Road - Waiting Restrictions

Melbourne Road - Waiting Restrictions

Bournehall Road - Waiting Restrictions

Arthur Street - Resident Parking Bays

William Street - Removal of Disabled Bays


Potters Bar

Cotton Road waiting restrictions

Hatfield Road – Resident parking scheme

High Street area waiting restrictions

Oakroyd Avenue & Elmfield Road waiting restrictions

Southgate Road eligibility list update

Oakmere Avenue residents parking scheme amendment



Various roads waiting restrictions

Traffic Regulation Orders In Place

2019 TROS

None at this time

2020 TROS

None at this time

2021 TROS

Notice Of Variation For Parking Charges

Bushey (148KB)

Elstree and Borehamwood (53KB)

Potters Bar (249KB)

Radlett (38KB)

Please send any comments to Parking.policy@hertsmere.gov.uk by Monday 2 May 2022