We consider a number of new parking schemes each year in line with guidance from our Parking Management Strategy. You can see what new schemes are currently proposed in this section.

Formal notices of the proposed parking schemes are advertised in local newspapers and on lamp posts in the streets concerned, as well as being available below.

You are welcome to comment on any of the proposals during the dates shown on any of our notices except for notice of variation for parking charges.

Documents giving more detailed information of each order can also be inspected at the Civic Offices in Borehamwood. If you have a general enquiry relating to any of the proposals, contact parking.policy@hertsmere.gov.uk or telephone 020 8207 2277.

Current Consultation



Armstrong Close, Borehamwood


Letter to residents (136KB)

Map (171KB)

Please send any comments to parkingpolicy@hertsmere.gov.uk by the 25th of March 2020



Closed Consultations



Kemp Place, Bushey

Draft Traffic Regulation Order (316KB)

Map (208KB)


Various Roads, Bushey


Draft Traffic Regulation Order (105KB)

Notice of Proposal (10KB)

Statement of Reason (21KB)

Elstree Road Map (239KB)

Various Roads Bushey Heath Map (240KB)


Kemp Place and High Street, Bushey

Kemp Place Letter to Residents (203KB)

Previous Consultation Comments (156KB)

Kemp Place Proposals Map (211KB)

High Street East Proposals Map (195KB)

High Street West Proposals Map (205KB)

Elstree Road, Bushey


Elstree Road Proposals Map (196KB)

Bushey Heath Proposals Map (239KB)

Letter to Residents (88KB)

Hatfield Road and Norman Court, Potters Bar


Draft TRO Documents (281KB)

Public Notice (128KB)

Previous Consultation Comments (142KB)

Hatfield Road Map (197KB)

Norman Court Map (172KB)

Manor Way, Borehamwood


TRO Documents (122KB)

Public Notice (8KB)

Map (197KB)

Kemp Place, Bushey

Letter To Kemp Place and Montague Hall Place Residents (201KB)

Letter To High Street (198KB)

Gills Hill Lane, Radlett


Notice of Proposal (66KB)

Restriction of Waiting (115KB)

Statement of Reason (41KB)

Map (128KB) 

Norman Court, Potters Bar

Letter to Residents (142KB)

Map (171KB)

Manor Way, Borehamwood


Letter to residents (89KB)

Map (175KB)

Hatfield Road, Potters Bar

Letter to residents (201KB)

Map (192KB)

Please send any comments to

parking.policy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 22/7/19 

High Street, Potters Bar


Formal Proposal of Intention to make Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

Full TRO Document (451KB)

Public Notice (8KB)

Please send any comments to

parking.policy@hertsmere.gov.uk by 19/7/19

Gills Hill Lane, Radlett


Letter to Residents (147KB)

Map (131KB) 

High Street, Potters Bar


Letter to Residents (145KB)

Map (198KB)

Oakroyd Avenue, Potters Bar


Letter To Residents (146KB)

Map (227KB)

Baker Street, Potters Bar


Letter To Residents (153KB)

Map (235KB)

Cross Road, Bushey


Letter to Residents (146KB)

Map (61KB)

Questionnaire (91KB)

Vale Road, Bushey

Letter to residents - Vale Road (88KB)

Vale road map (191KB)

Gills Hill Lane, Radlett

Letter to residents - Gills Hill lane (145KB)

Gills Hill lane map (128KB)

Loom Lane, Radlett

Letter to residents - Loom lane (145KB)

Loom lane map (160KB)