Traffic Regulation Orders are the Legal Documents that outline the restrictions and the areas affected.

Below you can see new and historic Traffic Regulation Orders:

New Traffic Regulation Orders:

High Street and Oakmere Lane, Potters Bar (Restriction of Waiting) Order 2019

High Street Potters Bar TRO 2019 (548KB)

Manor Way, Borehamwood (Restriction of Waiting) Order 2019

Manor Way Borehamwood TRO 2019 (223KB)

Otterspool Way and Park Avenue, Bushey (Restriction of Waiting) Order 2019

Otterspool Way TRO 2019 (280KB)

Otterspool Way TRO Map (948KB)

Otterspool Way Statement of Reason (8KB)

Grosvenor Road, Borehamwood (Restriction of Waiting) Order 2019.

 Grosvenor Road TRO and Map 2019 (1,155KB)

 Carpenter Way, Potters Bar (Restriction of Waiting) Order 2019

Carpenter Way Permit Holders Parking Places Order 2019 (645KB)

Carpenter Way Disabled Persons parking places order 2019 (318KB)

Carpenter Way Restriction of Waiting order 2019 (207KB)