We operate a number of controlled parking zones in Hertsmere and have a number of different types of parking permit.


What is a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)?

A CPZ provides us with the legal means we need to control parking within a designated area. All roads included within a CPZ will be subject to some form of parking control.

The hours of operation will vary depending on the method of control used but as a general guide will be between 8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday. The CPZ is not in operation on Sundays or Bank Holidays. Please note yellow lines are enforceable year round.

There are two categories of parking control within the CPZ:

§  yellow lines (waiting restrictions/prohibitions) and

§  residential/visitor parking bays, which are marked out with white lines.

Both are enforced by our Civil Enforcement Officers (previously known as parking attendants or traffic wardens).


Where are there CPZs in Hertsmere

There are Controlled Parking Zones in Radlett, Potters Bar, Borehamwood and Bushey. You can see CPZ maps for these areas below:

Radlett (232KB)

Potters Bar (386KB)

Borehamwood (352KB)

Bushey (217KB)



How will I recognise a CPZ?

There are road signs which will tell you when you are entering and leaving a CPZ. Each different type of parking control can be identified from the various road signs (or plates) that have been put on posts or lamp columns.

I live / work / visit friends in a CPZ, how can I park there?

There are a number of different permits available if you live in, work in or need to visit within a CPZ. Please note not all properties within a CPZ may be eligible to apply for parking permits, for example a new build. You will need to check by calling Parking Services on 020 8207 7422 or email cpz@hertsmere.gov.uk.

Holders of parking permits should note however that a permit does not give you the legal right to park your vehicle(s) immediately outside of your house or in a specific parking space.

If you are visiting a residence within a controlled parking zone you must obtain a visitor's permit or voucher from the resident and clearly display within your vehicle. When a motorcyclist is visiting, the resident should scratch off the appropriate areas of the voucher and call Parking Services on 0208 207 7422 to advise us of the permit's serial number and the motorcycles registration mark. 



What are they used for?

CPZ schemes are used to deal with increasing parking/traffic related problems experienced by residents and businesses. The main aim has been to discourage long-stay parking by non-residents and commuters in a specific area.



I would like a CPZ in my Area

Visit our parking policy page for more information about how you can request a CPZ be introduced in your area and the process


Can I park in a CPZ with my disabled badge?

Hertsmere's Traffic Orders do not allow Disabled Badge Holders to park in Permit Bays.

Currently though we do allow some discretion and disabled badge holders can park in permit bays for a maximum of three hours, but the clock on the badge must be displayed.