If you are a local worker/business and regularly use a particular council pay and display car park, you may find it beneficial to buy a business parking permit. In some areas there is on-street parking available for business permit holders and these are indicated by signage on street where it is applicable.




Business permit waiting list

Due to demand there may be times when we will have to initiate a waiting list for business parking permits. This may not be in all areas. Please call Parking Services on 0208 207 2277 or email cpz@hertsmere.gov.uk

How much do they cost?


Three months - £145

Six months - £275

Twelve months - £480


Part-time business parking permit

3 day a week permit ( valid for 12 months) - £275

AM or PM weekly permit ( valid for 12 months) - £275

You can pay by:

  • Debit/Credit Card - at our offices
  • By phone - call us on 020 8207 7422
  • Cheque/Postal Order - made payable to Hertsmere Borough Council. Please enclose your payment when you return your completed application form.

Where can they be used?


Car   Park locations

On   Street locations


  • Brook Road car   park 
  • Clarendon Road   car park 
  • Civic Office car   park, Elstree Way 
  • Furzehill Road   car park (multi-storey)


  • Station Road



  • High Road   (opposite St Peter's Church) Bushey Heath
  • High Road (The   Rutts) Bushey Heath 
  • Bushey Country   Club car park
  • Kemp Place Car Park


  • On-street multi   use bays - Vale Road


Potters   Bar

  • Barnet Road car   park
  • Highview Close   car park 
  • Manor Road car park 
  • Salisbury Close   car park 
  • Wyllyotts Place   car park 


  • Byng Drive
  • Hatfield Road   (where signposted)*
  • Mutton Lane   (opposite Tesco where signposted)*
  • Parkside, High   Street (where signposted)* 
  • St Johns Close   (where signposted)*
  • The Walk,   adjacent to the cricket club (where signposted)*



  • Newberries car   park 



How to apply:

Please allow ten working days for your application to be processed.

What information do I need to provide?

We will require proof of address and vehicle ownership with your application form. These checks help to ensure that you are a legitimate user of the scheme and an eligible business and that the scheme is not used by those who are not entitled to.

  • Business address: Official documentation showing business address and type of business engaged in (e.g. VAT registration number or company letter/invoice)
  • Vehicle details: Registration document/official bill of sale/insurance cover note. This must show the name of the person applying for the permit and the registration number.
  • Company car: An official letter from the company secretary/car pool manager, stating that you are the authorised driver of the car.

What if I change my vehicle or lose / damage the permit?

You will need to apply for a replacement, which will cost £15.

What if I no longer need my permit?

You can surrender your business parking permit to us before it expires and you will qualify for the following refund (Minus a £15 Admin Fee):

12 month permit:

  • Surrendered between date of issue and six months: £240
  • Surrendered between six and nine months: £120
  • Surrendered between nine and 12 months: No refund

Six month permit:

  • Surrendered between date of issue and three months: £137.50
  • Surrendered between three and six months: No refund

Three months permit:

  • No refund

To be able to apply for a refund for business permits please call 020 8207 7422 to request a refund form (please ensure you retain your permit and return this with the refund form).

Part-time business permit:

12 month permit:

  • Surrendered between date of issue and six months: £137.50
  • Surrendered between six and nine months: £68.75
  • Surrendered between nine and 12 months: No refund