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If you live in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) and want friends and visitors to be able to park in a resident parking bay when they visit you, they will need to display a parking permit.

Please note not all properties within a CPZ may be eligible to apply for parking permits, for example a new build. If you are unsure you will need to check by calling Parking Services on 020 8207 7422 or email”.

There are two ways you can do this. You can buy one annual permit which can be used within different vehicles (one at a time) throughout the year, and/or a book of one-off half day permits, which are valid for the day they are used only in the vehicle you specify.

Please be aware you can only purchase visitor vouchers in blocks of twenty.

Any amount requested which is not in blocks of 20 will result in your application

being rejected.



Where can they be used?

In each case, permits can only be used in the controlled parking zone (CPZ) when you need to park in a resident parking bay. They should only be used by someone visiting the property to which they are issued and should not be used to park when visiting other properties or local amenities in the area. Full instructions on their use are on each visitor permit.

How much does it cost?

Book of visitor permits:

Households with a resident parking permit can buy a book of 20 half-day visitor parking permits at £10 for each book. They are valid for two years.

If a household does not have a resident parking permit, then a book of 20 half-day visitor parking permits will be issued free each year on application.

Annual parking permits:

Each household within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) can apply for one annual visitor permit costing £60, valid for one year. If you need to replace a permit due to being lost or damaged there is a charge of £15.

What information do I need to provide?

We will require proof of address with your application form to ensure that you are a legitimate user of the CPZ scheme and that the scheme is not used by those who are not entitled to park there.

  • Address: official documentation showing the property where you permanently live, e.g. utility bill, such as an electricity bill, water bill, council tax bill. A driving licence or mobile telephone bill will not be accepted as proof of address.

How to apply:


Please allow 10 working days for an application to be processed. 

Please note residents in zone VB are not eligible for Visitor Permits.

You can return your application to us by post to the Civic Offices or by email, to

You can pay by:

  • Credit / debit card over the phone. You need to complete the form first. Call 020 8207 7422.
  • Cheque/Postal Order - made payable to Hertsmere Borough Council.