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Hertsmere's Mayor

Last Modified May 24, 2016

We have a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor every year, who are chosen by the leading political group of the council. Their term of office runs for the Municipal Year. Each Mayor chooses a charity/charities which they will raise money for during their year.

We welcome invitations from local organisations for our Mayor / Deputy Mayor to attend your events.

This year’s Mayor is Councillor Pete Rutledge.

After attending local schools around the Watford area where he met his lifelong partner CllrPeteRutledge-Mayor2016-17Jane, Pete spent four years as an engineering apprentice with London Transport.  After completing his apprenticeship, Pete continued to work for London Transport in their massive boiler rooms at Chiswick works.  With the subsequent closure of Chiswick works, he joined a large maintenance company based near Reading, climbing through the ranks to finally become the national service and maintenance manager.  The freedom of being self-employed and master of his own destiny had always appealed.  He therefore set up his own plumbing and heating firm which he continues to run today.

Having moved to Bushey in 1995 and enjoying being part of the community, Pete stood for local election in the Bushey St James ward in 2014.  Getting to know what was important to his constituents and what mattered to them most, outside their front door, is his prime importance.

Scuba diving, fishing, jet skiing and anything water orientated are his main hobbies.

He has not chosen any well-known charity to support during his Mayoral year.  Instead he has decided that as any money raised will mostly come from the people of Hertsmere, it will go back into worthwhile causes within the local community.

This year's Deputy Mayor is Councillor Charles Goldstein. 


Charles grew up in Finchley and moved to Hertsmere shortly after marrying his wife Gail over 30 years ago.  He lived first in Elstree and then moved to Radlett in 2002.  He is a chartered accountant and has four children.  Charles operates his own company in Waltham Cross.  He also works with his son operating a progressive tax return and accounting services company concentrating on an internet and website based approach.

Charles was first elected in 2006 for the Aldenham East ward and has served on various committees.  He has been portfolio holder for planning, housing, performance and community safety during his time.  He is a director of Elstree Studios and has been on their board since 2007.

He enjoys cycling, taking part in charity bike rides, watching football, travelling and spending time with his wife and family.


How to invite the Mayor to an event:

The Mayor is invited to hundreds of engagements every year. If you would like him to attend an event, please make a request as soon as possible.

The Mayor tries to fulfil as many engagements as he can, so may have to arrive at a later time than you would like or leave before the end of a function.

It is customary for the Mayor/Deputy Mayor to be greeted on arrival and the correct form of address is “The Worshipful, the Mayor/Deputy Mayor of the Borough of Hertsmere.”

If the Mayor cannot attend, the Deputy Mayor will be asked to go as the Mayor’s representative. Once your engagement has been accepted, you will receive confirmation.

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event, please write to:

The Mayor’s Office, Hertsmere Borough Council, Civic Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1WA or email: mayors.secretary@hertsmere.gov.uk

For further help, please call the Mayor's Office on 020 8207 7477.


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