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Civic Awards 2020

Last Modified May 20, 2021

This year’s community champions have been recognised for their contributions at our Civic Awards 2019/20. 

The Mayor of Hertsmere, Councillor Alan Plancey, has presented awards to the following individuals or groups living or working in the community, who give up their time to improve the lives and circumstances of Hertsmere residents.

The winners have each contributed to activities or initiatives which have shown a benefit to the local area and directly involved other community members or colleagues.  They have worked in a voluntary capacity or carried out work which is considered over and above their normal paid employment duties.

The winners are as follows:

Civic Award - Camp Unity

Civic Award - Stephen Pearson

Civic Award - Lynette Sullivan

Civic Award - Simon Pyzer

Civic Award - Nicky Beaton

Civic Award - Sruti Dharma das 

Youth Civic Award - Hertsmere Volunteer Police Cadets

The Dave Rankin Award - Tracey Hanson

Details of previous award winners are listed below.









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