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Hertsmere's Mayor

Last Modified December 07, 2020

We have a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor every year, who are chosen by the leading political group of the council. Their term of office runs for the Municipal Year. Each Mayor chooses a charity/charities which they will raise money for during their year.

We welcome invitations from local organisations for our Mayor to attend your events.

The current Mayor is Cllr Alan Plancey.

The Mayor of Hertsmere for the period 18th November 2020 to 19th May 2021 is Cllr Alan Plancey.

Photograph of Mayor Alan Plancey, November 2020- May 2021 wearing chains of office

Alan served as Mayor during 2019/20 when he handed over the chains to Cllr Cynthia Barker for the 2020/21 term. Sadly, Cynthia passed away in September 2020 and Alan will continue her term.

Alan has lived in Borehamwood for over 40 years. Having retired, he decided to use his skills and continue his work for the wider community. At present, he is a County Councillor for Borehamwood South as well as Area Chaplain to Hertfordshire Police.

He is involved with many care organisations as well as working with youth groups, giving him a broad outlook on the many challenges that face our area today. In view of his many years of involvement in interfaith activities he easily identifies with all sections of the Hertfordshire population and he intends to work for greater understanding between all faiths and strengthen the unity that already exists today.

This year's Deputy Mayor is Cllr Anne Swerling. 

Photograph of Deputy Mayor Anne Swerling, 2020-2021 wearing chains of officeAnne has lived in Hertsmere for more than 30 years.  She was elected as a borough councillor for Bushey Park, where she lives, in 2014 and was re-elected to the same ward in 2015 and 2019.

For Hertsmere, Anne has served on a variety of committees including Personnel as Vice-Chair, Operations Review, Licensing and the Standards Committee which she chaired last year.  She is also involved with Member Training and Development, Performance Monitoring and is on the Grants Panel.

Outside her council commitments Anne is churchwarden at St Peter’s, Bushey Heath, a governor at Ashfield School, on the committee of Bushey & Oxhey Care as one of their duty officers and is a member of the Bushey Forum all of which she enjoys and does voluntarily.

How to invite the Mayor to an event:

The Mayor is invited to hundreds of engagements every year. If you would like him to attend an event, please make a request as soon as possible.

The Mayor tries to fulfil as many engagements as he can and may have to arrive at a later time than you would like or leave before the end of a function.

It is customary for the Mayor to be greeted on arrival and the correct form of address is “The Worshipful, the Mayor of the Borough of Hertsmere.”

If the Mayor cannot attend, the Deputy Mayor will be asked to go as the Mayor’s representative.  Once your engagement has been accepted, you will receive confirmation.

If you would like the Mayor to attend an event, please write to:

The Mayor’s Office,
Hertsmere Borough Council,
Civic Offices,
Elstree Way,

Or email: mayors.secretary@hertsmere.gov.uk

For further help, please call the Mayor's Office on 020 8207 7477.

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