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Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2018

Last Modified October 02, 2018

Following Hertsmere’s Electoral Review and the subsequent changes to warding arrangements a review of local government polling districts and places must be conducted by the (Acting) Returning Officer. This is to ensure polling stations are located correctly within the new ward areas. This review must be conducted and concluded by 31 January 2019 in time for the all-out borough, parish and town elections in May 2019.

In addition, the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 requires the council to complete a review of all Parliamentary polling districts and polling places every four years. The next review must be completed between October 2018 and January 2020.

There is no difference between these two reviews for Hertsmere as both the Borough and Parliamentary boundaries are coterminous.


  • A ‘polling district’ is a geographical area created by the subdivision of a Parliamentary constituency
  • ‘polling place’ is the building or area in which polling stations will be provided by the Returning Officer.
  • A ‘polling station’ is therefore the room or area within the polling place where voting takes place.


2018 Review Timetable
Commencement report to the council REPORT HERE 11 July 2018 - postponed 18 July 2018
Start of review   1 October 2018
Publication of Formal Notice of Review   1 October 2018
Publication of current arrangements and proposals for new arrangements - consultation begins  2 October 2018
Consultation closes    30 November 2018
 Full register published under current arrangements (End of Canvass)  1 December 2018
Publish public notice of intention to republish the Electoral Register  18 January 2019
Final draft of new arrangements presented to the council  23 January 2019
Publish the conclusions of the Review  24 January 2019
Full Electoral Register published under new arrangements  1 February 2019





We would like to invite all interested parties as per the Notice of Review to make representations and comments on both the existing and proposed polling districts and polling places.The consultation begins on Tuesday 2 October until Friday 30 November.

Any person or body that makes a comment is also invited to suggest alternative polling districts/places so that they may be given the appropriate consideration.

All comments and representations must be done in writing by email to elections@hertsmere.gov.uk, by letter to the Elections Department or by completing the Online Polling District Survey Form.

If you have any questions or need an explanation relating to any part of this review please email elections@hertsmere.gov.uk or call us on 0208 207 7481

Existing Polling Districts and Polling Places

Map of existing Polling Districts

Existing Polling District Scheme

2019 Proposed scheme

Map of proposed polling districts and polling places

Polling district scheme as proposed by The (Acting) Returning Officer

Below is a breakdown of the key changes by area and individual maps for each Polling District:


Bushey North Ward

AA_Bushey Mill 2019_A4

AB_Bushey Hall 2019

AC_Grange Road 2019

Bushey St James Ward

BA_Bournehill 2019

BB_Falconer 2019_BB

  • Electors in polling district BB previously voted at Bushey Manor School. They will now vote at new polling station St James Church hall.

BC_Little Reddings_2019

BD_Rudolph Road_2019_BD

Bushey Park Ward

CA_Hills Estate 2019

CB_Clayhill 2019



Bushey Heath Ward

DA_Bushey Heath West_2019

DB_Bushey Heath_2019

Radlett and Aldenham

Aldenham East Ward


EB_Aldenham & Letchmore Heath_2019


ED_Radlett North_2019

EE_Patchetts Green_2019

  • Polling district EE has been transferred from Bushey North ward to Aldenham West ward. Electors in this ward will continue to vote at The Three Compasses Public House

EF_Dagger Lane_2019

  • Electors in district EF will also use The Three Compasses as they have transferred from Bushey Heath ward to Aldenham East ward

Aldenham West Ward

FA_Radlett West_2019

FB_Radlett East_2019


Brookmeadow Ward

HA_Organ Hall_2019

  • Polling District HA is currently part of the Brookmeadow North polling district. It is proposed that this polling district is split to create a new polling district 'Organ Hall'. Electors within this district will vote at new polling station Organ Hall Community Centre.

HB_Brookmeadow North_2019

  • Polling District HB will be Brookmeadow North and will continue to vote at Meryfield Primary School

HC_Brookmeadow Central_2019


  • Slight changes within polling district HD will see electors in Eldon Avenue and Fairway Avenue now voting in the Brookmeadow Ward at Aberford Park Community Centre. Currently they vote at Cowey Hill school in the Cowley Hill ward.

HE_Shenley Road West_2019

Cowley Hill Ward


JB_Cowley Hill North_2019

JC_Cowley Hill South_2019

JD_Shenley Road East

Hillside Ward

KA_Poets Estate_2019

KB_Hillside_ 2019

  • 96 Shenley Road has been identified as a suitable polling place for KB ward. Electors in this ward previously voted at The International Christian Fellowship Hall in the Kenilworth ward. Due to new ward boundaries these electors will now vote in the Hillside ward at this new polling place.

KC_Cranes Way_2019

  • New polling station Summerswood Primary School as previous polling station St Pauls Lutheran church is no longer available for our use.

KD_Farriers _2019

Kenilworth Ward

LA_Studio Estate_2019

LB_Manor Way_2019

  • Changes with in LB ward will see electors from Manor Way, Featherstone Gardens and part of Kenilworth Road now voting at The International Christian Fellowship Hall. Currently these electors vote at Holy Cross Church Hall.

LC_Kenilworth Park_2019

Elstree (ward)

GA_Elstree_Central 2019

GB_Elstree East_2019

Shenley (ward)

MA_Porters Park_2019

  • Electors in polling district MA to vote at new polling place Shenley Chapel as Church of The Good Shepherd is no longer available for use as a polling station

MB_Shenley Village_2019


MD_South Mimms_2019

Potters Bar

Under the existing arrangements Potters Bar has three wards and three members to each ward. Under the new electoral arrangements there will now be four wards each with two members.

Potters Bar Furzefield Ward

NA_Mimms Hall_2019



  • Electors in ward NC previously voted in the Parkfield Ward at Potters Bar United reform church. Under the new ward arrangementsthis area falls within the Potters Bar Furzefield ward and the polling station for these electors will be Elm Court.

Potters Bar Parkfield Ward

PA_Little Heath_2019

PB_The Walk_2019

Potters Bar Oakmere Ward

RA_The Causeway_2019

RB_Oakmere West_2019


Bentley Heath and The Royds Ward

  • New ward - will be served by Polling Stations: St Johns Methodist Church, Pope Paul Catholic School and Potters Bar Baptist Church.
  • The majority of electors will be voting at the same station as per the current arrangements.


  • Due to changes in the ward boundary some electors from Dugdale Hill Lane will be voting at St Johns Methodist Church in The Bentley Heath and The Royds ward. Under the current arrangements they vote at King Charles The Martyr Church in the Furzefield ward.


QC_Wrotham Park_2019




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