Each year we update the register of electors. This is called the annual canvass. It usually takes place between July and November. By law we must send a Household Enquiry Form to every residential property in Hertsmere. The aim of this form is to make sure that the information we hold on the current electoral register is up to date. It also helps us to identify any residents who are not registered to vote so that we can invite them to apply.

This year sees changes to the way canvass is delivered and the way we communicate to residents.

Detailed below or to the right are the ways you may be contacted can be seen in the Infographic. 

**Please note that if we do not receive a response to the communications we send you may receive a call from a member of our team or we may visit your property**

If you add new people they will also need to complete a registration application. This can be done online, www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. We will send each person a paper form if they do not apply online.

If you have a query or need further information please contact the registration team by emailing elections@hertsmere.gov.uk , or call, 020 8207 7481, during normal office opening hours.


Canvass FAQs

I’ve received a text/email from Electoral Services; I’ve never received one before. Is this correct or is it a scam?

The way in which Electoral Services contact you during the canvass has changed. If you have provided your email or telephone number in the past, Electoral Services can now request your information by email or text. The email or text should be from Electoral Services and direct you to the following website: - electoral.services.hertsmere.borough.council@notifications.service.gov.uk

You are asked to check your details online at www.elecreg.co.uk/hertsmere and confirm whether they are correct or whether you have any changes to make. You will need the security codes supplied and your postcode to access your information. If you respond to the email or text as soon as you receive it, you will not be sent a paper form or any further communication during the canvass.  If for any reason you are still unsure you can contact Electoral Services on 020 8207 7481

My partner/housemate received a text/email telling them to check the registration for this address, but I didn’t receive one, why is this?

Electoral Services will send a text or email to all residents at a property so that they all get an opportunity to respond, where they hold a telephone number or email address. Therefore, you must not have provided your contact details in the past but your partner/housemate did.

I’ve received a paper communication through the post and I’m not sure what I need to do. All the information is correct, so do I need to send it back?

It all depends on which form you have received. At the bottom of the form if it says:

  • CCA (canvass communication A) this letter is for households where we think the information may still be the same. If this is the case then you DO NOT need to respond.  
  • CCB (canvass communication B) this letter is sent to households where we believe there are changes. Even if there are no changes you must respond to this communication following the instructions given.
  • CF (canvass form), this is the form that we send to properties where we think that some of the information is incorrect or have not yet received a response to the CCB. You MUST respond to a CF form so Electoral Services know that your details are still correct and so they do not send you any further forms.

You can do this online, or by telephone or post. Please only post the form back if you cannot use any of the electronic methods.

We are Foreign Nationals and not able to register, therefore our form is blank. There is no one eligible to register for this address, so do I have to send it back?

Yes, your form is blank as there are no names on the register for your address. However, Electoral Services still need a response from you to confirm that you are still resident (even though you cannot register) and that there are no new people to add. You do not need to include your names on the form, just tick the box in Section 2, enter your nationality and sign the form.

You can do this online, or by telephone or post. Please only post the form back if you cannot use any of the electronic methods. If you need any further assistance please call the registration team on 020 8207 7481.

I’m a student and I have received a form. Do I have to register in Hertsmere and respond to this form?

If you have received a form you must respond regardless of whether you want to register or not. Students are allowed to register for their term time address and we encourage students to do so whilst they are living in Hertsmere. You do not need to remove yourself from your home address as you can be registered in both places.  If your form has the names of the previous residents then you need to remove these names and add the names of all the new residents who want to register.

You can do this online, or by telephone or post. Please only post the form back if you cannot use any of the electronic methods.

I am a Landlord/Home Manager and I’ve received a communication requesting information about my residents, is this correct as it’s never happened before?

Yes, Electoral Services can now request information directly from the responsible person for a property, instead of sending a form to the address. Please respond to the request by providing the full names and nationalities of all residents in your properties and confirming whether they are over 76 years old or not. If names are added to the form we will contact that person directly and invite them to register.