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2019 Local Election Statement of Persons Nominated and Notices of Poll

Last Modified October 09, 2020

The following list provides links to the Statements of Persons Nominated for each of the Borough Council Wards and the parish and town council areas up for election.  Each list sets out the names of whose nomination for election have been accepted, and where appropriate, their political party.  Where there are more candidates than places this also acts as a combined Notice of Poll.

Hertsmere Borough Council Election Statement of Persons Nominated and Notice of Poll 2019

All Hertsmere Borough Council Wards have been contested.  Please find below the list of candidates by Ward in the "Statement of Persons Nominated & Notice of Poll" for each of the Hertsmere Borough Council elections which will take place on the 2 May 2019.


Note that the ward names above relate to the wards in place since the 2018 review.

Parish and Town Council Election Statement of Persons Nominated 2019

In addition within the area of Hertsmere, the following parish and town councils also have Statements of Persons Nominated.  In some cases the number of candidates does not exceed the number of places and therefore a Notice of Poll has not been issued. 

Aldenham Parish Council

Elstree & Borehamwood Town Council

Ridge Parish Council

  • Ridge Parish (5 Councillors to be elected) - Note this is the Result of Uncontested Elections.

Shenley Parish Council

South Mimms Parish Council

  • South Mimms Parish (5 Councillors to be elected) - Note this is the Result of Uncontested Elections.

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