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Corporate Plan

Last Modified May 20, 2021

2020 Vision – A Corporate Plan for Hertsmere


2020 Vision is the collective name for the suite of documents that make up Hertsmere’s new Corporate Plan 2017-2020, which will guide our work over the next few years. The Plan reflects our decision to focus on key actions which will have the biggest impact on our work whilst also reflecting our desire to continue to deliver high quality services to our residents. 

Hertsmere’s 2020 Vision, the Corporate Plan 2017-2020 will be made up of three separate documents:

Hertsmere's 2020 Vision

This articulates our high level vision, values and priorities in a simple one page document which represents the key challenges we face over the next period and how we intend to respond to them whilst also maintaining focus on key service delivery.

Corporate Action Plan 2018/19

This document, agreed at Executive in May 2018, sets out the key high level actions we will be undertaking over the next year.  It highlights those projects which are over and above our day to day service delivery and will have an impact on our residents in either how services are delivered or how we generate income.

In addition to internal monitoring, progress against the action plan will be reported quarterly to the Executive.

Use this link to see a copy of the previous Action Plan:  Corporate Action Plan 2017/18

Annual Report 2019/20

This retrospective high level document was agreed at Full Council in July 2019 and highlights achievements made in each priority area over the previous year.  The Annual Report also provides information on the Quality Service Indicator set which aims to ensure high standards of delivery are maintained across key services, and a final outturn report for the Corporate Action Plan 2018/19.

 Performance Management Framework

The updated Performance Management Framework sets out how we will monitor progress against the Corporate Action Plan and also our key services.   It aims to reduce the burden on Officers of collecting performance statistics whilst also recognising the need to understand how well we are performing both against our priorities but also in our aim to deliver high quality services to Hertsmere residents.  

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