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Corporate Plan

Last Modified December 02, 2021

Hertsmere Vision 2022-27 - Driving better futures

The new Hertsmere Vision 2022-27 was agreed at Executive and Full Council in November 2022.  The document provides a high level vision for the council and will be used to inform the development of a range of high level strategic documents including an updated Corporate Plan and the new Local Plan.   

The Hertsmere Vision reflects a new approach to setting our strategic priorities.  it sets out a high level set of aspirations for the Council, reflecting both challenges and opportunities for the borough in the widest sense, capturing our unique geographical, social and economic strengths and identifying areas for action and development.  

The document is clearly structured with an overall Vision Statement, 6 Position Statements describing key areas of focus for the council land then 30 Commitments which articulate how we will deliver against the statements.  The commitments set out how we will work, both in terms of specific delivery, but also clearly reflect our organisational values.  

The Hertsmere Vision is purposely high level so that it can act as a clear framework for the development of future strategies and will be followed by a Corporate Plan for 2022 which will set out in more detail how we will deliver against this vision in the shorter term.  

Hertsmere Vision - Driving better futures, 2022-27

Previous Corporate Vision and Action Plans

Annual Reports

This retrospective high level documents are agreed annually at Full Council and highlight achievements made in each priority area over the previous year.  The Annual Report also provides information on the Quality Service Indicator set which aims to ensure high standards of delivery are maintained across key services.

Annual Report 2020-21

Previous Annual Reports


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