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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Freedom of Information results are available for viewing or downloading from this page in the form of pdf documents. You have to click on a reference number to view or download a pdf document. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.

Occasionally the answer may not include supplementary documents or information.  This can happen where:

  • The response has required more complex data, for instance in the form of a spreadsheet.
  • Requesters have supplied forms which may be covered by their copyright restrictions.
  • Requesters have asked that an online form be completed.

If you need more information please email your request to

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Freedom of Information documemnts
View PDF File Type and Size Date Received Request Name Description
02019001 PDF - 265kb 01/01/2019 Affordable housing The percentage of affordable housing required for housing developments and average approved by Planning
02019002 PDF - 261kb 02/01/2019 Missed bin and waste collections Total number of missed bin/waste collections, reported to your council in each of the individual calendar years 2014-2018
02019003 PDF - 175kb 02/01/2019 Land designated for commercial development Request for mapping files for land designated for commercial development to consider electrical network connections.
02019004 PDF - 343kb 03/01/2019 Communication re homelessness, rough sleepers, beggars A request for copies of all letters and emails that were sent to the council from any local Chambers Of Commerce in 2018, which relate to homelessness, rough sleepers or begging in the council's area
02019008 PDF - 386kb 04/01/2019 Housing benefit Amount of housing benefit paid for those with Learning Disability or Mental Health needs for lowest, highest and mean average.
02019010 PDF - 170kb 04/01/2019 Software for Council Tax and Business rates Who supplies the software used to calculate council tax charges, business rate charges and the annual award of council tax reduction and support in 2019/20?
02019011 PDF - 175kb 05/01/2019 Licenses to show films List of all establishments in Hertsmere that are licensed to show films, both "theatrical" and "non-theatrical".
02019012 PDF - 176kb 07/01/2019 Public Health Act funerals The number and details of the deceased for Public Health Act Funerals since 04/12/2018 and whether this has been provided to other FOI requestors or bodies.
02019013 PDF - 438kb 05/01/2019 Consultants The number, cost and breakdown of consultants used to provide the Council with advice for 2016, 2017, 2018.
02019014 PDF - 294kb 07/01/2019 Senior staff structure Contact details of Financial Director and senior staffing structure.
02019015 PDF - 251kb 08/01/2019 Corporate Comms staff and spending The number of staff and amount spent on corporate communications including external contractors.
02019016 PDF - 266kb 08/01/2019 Private Hire taxi driver Checks undertaken of private hire and hackney carriage (taxi) driver licences and the mechanical testing of vehicles.
02019017 PDF - 361kb 08/01/2019 Council Tax arrears Amount of Council Tax arrears at the end of 2017/18.
02019018 PDF - 241kb 08/01/2019 Gypsy and Traveller encampments The number of unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller encampments, the number of new authorised pitches and total as well as the costs incurred clearing pitches compared to creating pitches 2015-2018.
02019019 PDF - 173kb 08/01/2019 Food hygiene inspection - Imperial China restaurant, A41 Whether the restaurant is able trade normally and has been given the all clear after previous closure due to vermin infestation.
02019020 PDF - 357kb 08/01/2019 Software systems Details of software used for Project Management, Risk Management, Performance Management and Freedom of Information recording and tracking including costs and replacement.
02019021 PDF - 284kb 08/01/2019 Planning Applications refused on Green Belt Research on Planning Applications which have been refused since 2012 on Green Belt grounds and then determined by the Planning Inspectorate on Appeal.
02019022 PDF - 304kb 09/01/2019 Licenced tattoo shops The number of tattoo shops and artists licensed in the Council area.
02019023 PDF - 356kb 09/01/2019 Parking permits Number of residential parking permits applied for, rejected, roads covered and revenues raised per year between 2016/17 to 2018/19.
02019025 PDF - 170kb 10/01/2019 Public health funerals The number of Public Health Funerals dealt with from 01/10/2018 to date including details of the deceased, if next of kin found and if any estate left.
02019026 PDF - 249kb 10/01/2019 CCTV footage Request for CCTV of a road traffic accident on behalf of policyholder.
02019027 PDF - 232kb 10/01/2019 Correspondence from S151 officer re S114 Correspondence from 2017/18 to date between the S151 Officer on Section 114 or S114.
02019028 PDF - 257kb 10/01/2019 Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras The number of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras in use, the number of hits and total of number plates scanned.
02019029 PDF - 188kb 11/01/2019 EU Settlement Schemes for employees How many EU national employees have applied, or will need to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme and if the council is contributing, the cost estimate.
02019030 PDF - 216kb 11/01/2019 Listed building applications The number of listed building consent applications granted, rejected, granted on appeal 2015/16 to current date and number officers and budget allocated and enforcement information.
02019031 PDF - 170kb 11/01/2019 Music venue business rates Name and address of music venue businesses registered in 2010 and 2017 and the total Business Rates paid.
02019032 PDF - 180kb 12/01/2019 Attendance and flexi software Information on the makeup of staff and the attendance and flexitime software used to manage this including cost and integration in to other systems.
02019033 PDF - 188kb 12/01/2019 Littering and dog fouling The number of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) issued for littering and dog fouling in 2018, the rates charged, paid and prosecuted and if outsourced.
02019035 PDF - 306kb 14/01/2019 Council Tax credit Total Council Tax credit on closed or dormant accounts and whether it is automatically refunded and how it has changed since last year.
02019038 PDF - 179kb 14/01/2019 Social care Amount spent, contracts and people in the council area receiving support from non-council social care providers.
02019039 PDF - 174kb 14/01/2019 Parking permits How many valid residential permits and cost by electric, hybrid and diesel cars.
02019040 PDF - 170kb 14/01/2019 Council-owned empty properties Empty council properties in 2016, 2017, 2018 and currently.
02019041 PDF - 229kb 14/01/2019 Potholes The number of potholes reported and filled 2016 to 2019 by year.
02019042 PDF - 172kb 11/01/2019 Public Health Funerals Public Health Funerals with no known next of kin between 01/11/2018 and 15/01/19.
02019043 PDF - 171kb 15/01/2019 Salaries over £80k Salaries over £80,000 including third party workers.
02019045 PDF - 544kb 16/01/2019 Waste and Recycling Whether waste and recycling and street cleansing has been outsourced at any point within 5 years, missed bin collections, fly tipping and staffing levels.
02019046 PDF - 250kb 15/01/2019 Social Prescription What social prescription is undertaken by the council.
02019047 PDF - 475kb 16/01/2019 Homelessness referrals - 16-24 yo Number of homelessness referrals for 16-24 year olds since April 2018 and their source.
02019049 PDF - 186kb 16/01/2019 Anti-idling fines Anti-idling fines, if they've been introduced the number issued and maximum fines and related staffing and volunteers.
02019050 PDF - 264kb 16/01/2019 Parking tickets issued, Potters Bar Number of parking tickets issued in Heath Road, Westwood Close, Green Meadow and Green Meadow in Potters Bar and frequency of enforcement.
02019051 PDF - 360kb 17/01/2019 Business rates credit Details of Business Rate credits held by the council for companies and government bodies.
02019052 PDF - 179kb 17/01/2019 Social Care software Details of case management software for adult and child social care.
02019053 PDF - 231kb 17/01/2019 Young Carers Number of young carers under 18 and amount spent on support for 2008-2018 by year.
02019054 PDF - 255kb 11/01/2019 Homelessness funding Use of Government funds towards homelessness housing support.
02019055 PDF - 260kb 18/01/2019 Business rates Information on whether Non-Domestic Rates (NDR/Business Rates) credit data is extracted and published online.
02019056 PDF - 358kb 18/01/2019 Deaths in Council housing Number of deaths of people housed by the council 2015/16 to 2018/19 by type of accommodation.
02019057 PDF - 264kb 18/01/2019 Free wifi in streets Availability of free public wifi on high streets.
02019058 PDF - 242kb 20/01/2019 Domiciliary care Tariff and fee structure for independent providers of domiciliary care back to 2014 including how they are identified and commissioned.
02019060 PDF - 164kb 21/01/2019 Highways Amount spent by the council on repairing roads 2015/16 to date.
02019061 PDF - 251kb 21/01/2019 CPN and ASBOs Number of Community Protection Notices (CPN) or Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOS) issued since 20/10/2014
02019062 PDF - 391kb 22/01/2019 Abandoned vehicles Number of abandoned vehicles reported, removed and destroyed and the costs from 2013/14 to date.
02019063 PDF - 450kb 22/01/2019 Debt collection contracts Contracts in place for collection of unpaid Council Tax, Business Rates and Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs).
02019064 PDF - 281kb 22/01/2019 Business rates Business rates for Pt Lgnd & 7th-9th Flrs Maple House, High Street, Potters Bar, Herts.
02019065 PDF - 178kb 22/01/2019 Property guardian schemes Use of property guardian schemes over the past five years.
02019066 PDF - 313kb 22/01/2019 Recycling Availability of kerbside recycling for plastics, aluminium, steel, glass.
02019068 PDF - 362kb 23/01/2019 Business rates Details of individual Business Rate credits held by the Council.
02019070 PDF - 380kb 23/01/2019 S42 safeguarding reports Abuse and neglect of patients under 65 years old in hospital.
02019071 PDF - 173kb 23/01/2019 Emergency housing for pregnant women Number of pregnant women given emergency housing, the type, length and longer-term housing.
02019072 PDF - 280kb 23/01/2019 Cost of filling potholes Average cost and time scale for filling potholes.
02019073 PDF - 253kb 24/01/2019 Money spent on celebs Total amount spent on celebrities and famous people for 2016, 2017 and 2018.
02019074 PDF - 240kb 24/01/2019 Cost of filling potholes Average cost and time scale for filling potholes for 2016, 2017, 2018.
02019075 PDF - 324kb 24/01/2019 Housing benefit - exempt accommodation Details of the amounts paid and suppliers of "Exempt accommodation" (not covered by the Housing Benefit or Universal Credit caps).
02019076 PDF - 384kb 23/01/2019 Money spend on food for staff Amount spent on food and drink for staff including hospitality, events and alcohol.
02019077 PDF - 314kb 24/01/2019 Software Software in use for Planning (Development Management) and Enforcement, Building Control, Land Charges, Licensing, GIS and if procuring within the next 12 months.
02019078 PDF - 170kb 24/01/2019 Business rates Business rates and reliefs for NHS hospitals and GP surgeries and private hospitals.
02019080 PDF - 346kb 24/01/2019 Business rates Business rates for the period 2017/18 and 2018/19 for Quinceys, Elton Way, WD25 8HH
02019084 PDF - 229kb 25/01/2019 Potholes Number of potholes, money spent repairing and paid in compensation from 2016 to 2018.
02019085 PDF - 207kb 25/01/2019 Planning - Barratt Homes Residential developments in Hertsmere since 2007 involving Barratt Homes.
02019086 PDF - 354kb 28/01/2019 Burials and cremations The number of burials and cremations 2014-2019 and the capacity and associated costs for an individual.
02019088 PDF - 168kb 28/01/2019 Noise complaints - in connection with wider complaint Number of noise complaints resolved over the past three years.
02019090 PDF - 417kb 28/01/2019 Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Use of algorithms or machine-learning systems by the Council.
02019093 PDF - 342kb 29/01/2019 Social care Information on elderly care and Target Fund Managers.
02019094 PDF - 179kb 29/01/2019 Fixed penalty notices for littering The number and revenue raised from Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for littering 2014/15 to date and staffing.
02019095 PDF - 340kb 29/01/2019 Planning Applications Number of housing planning applications refused, the percentage refused and percentage granted from 2016 onward.
02019098 PDF - 344kb 30/01/2019 PSPOs Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) introduced since June 2017 and plans to introduce them.
02019099 PDF - 272kb 30/01/2019 Number of solicitors Number of barristers, solicitors and qualified legal executives employed by the council from 2007/08 to 2018.
02019100 PDF - 286kb 30/01/2019 repair and maintenance of stairlifts Details of the repair and maintenance of lifts in the homes of social care users.
02019101 PDF - 174kb 30/01/2019 Provision of waste services How the council collects household waste and recycling and whether it provides commercial services and how accounted.
02019104 PDF - 323kb 30/01/2019 ICT hardware Processes in place for the replacement and disposal of IT hardware.
02019105 PDF - 171kb 30/01/2019 Public Health Funerals Details of Public Health Funerals that the Council is dealing with including their estate and if next of kin have been identified.
02019106 PDF - 401kb 30/01/2019 Construction projects and costs Details of top 10 construction projects over £1 million due to complete in the next 6 months including completion date, value and main contractor.
02019108 PDF - 282kb 31/01/2019 Evictions following death of secure tenant Number of evictions following the death of a secure tenant where there was no right to succeed.
02019006 PDF - 382kb 03/01/2019 Free schools Payments for free schools from when they open, even if they are not established as a result of a "basic need" identified by local officials.
02019007 PDF - 163kb 03/01/2019 Care home visits The number of 15 minute, 5 minute visits in 2017 and 2018 and those missed or late.
02019089 PDF - 179kb 28/01/2019 Business rates Details of credit balances held on business rate accounts including addresses, companies and year arising.
02019110 PDF - 310kb 01/02/2019 Number of elected member telephone calls Number of calls from Member offices in June-December 2017 and June-December 2018.
02019112 PDF - 245kb 04/02/2019 Wheelchair lift vehicle accidents Wheelchair passenger lift health and safety related incidents related to authority owned vehicles.
02019116 PDF - 175kb 04/02/2019 GP surgeries hoist assistance Accessibility for people with reduced mobility to GP surgeries and hoists installed.
02019119 PDF - 360kb 05/02/2019 Provision of community services Details of libraries, youth centres, community centres, Children's centres and subsidised bus routes in 2010/11 and for 2018/19.
02019120 PDF - 276kb 05/02/2019 Number of noise nuisance complaints Number of noise nuisance complaints by year in 2018 and 2019.
02019125 PDF - 173kb 07/02/2019 Veterans Officer contact details Contact details for Veterans Officer to help access to the Royal British Legion's Veterans Hearing Fund
02019131 PDF - 340kb 08/02/2019 Software and Customer Relationship Management Information on the authority and the use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.
02019133 PDF - 345kb 10/02/2019 Mixed sex leisure facilities, spy cameras and issues Training, policies and procedures related to mixed sex leisure facilities, changing rooms and prevention of spy cameras and voyeurism.
02019134 PDF - 350kb 11/02/2019 Mixed sex leisure facilities, spy cameras and issues Training, policies and procedures related to mixed sex leisure facilities, changing rooms and prevention of spy cameras and voyeurism.
02019135 PDF - 178kb 11/02/2019 Build to Rent Development or Complex Details of planning applications, approved or under review, for build to rent developments or complexes for the Private Rental Sector.
02019137 PDF - 250kb 12/02/2019 PRC Certificate for 4 Sleaford Green South Oxhey WD19 7EB PRC Certificate for 4 Sleaford Green South Oxhey WD19 7EB pre 2000.
02019142 PDF - 275kb 13/02/2019 Public Health Funerals Details of the deceased for public health funerals undertaken by the council from 01/12/2018 to date.
02019044 PDF - 183kb 15/01/2019 Systems for FOIs,DPAs,Complaints Details of systems, vendors and costs used for FOI requests, DPA requests and Complaints and time taken.
02019048 PDF - 160kb 16/01/2019 Footways and pavements Request for a map or list of all Publicly Maintained footways and pavements within Hertsmere.
02019096 PDF - 120kb 29/01/2019 HR records Details of staff make up and changes between 2010 and 2018 including redundancies.
02019097 PDF - 256kb 30/01/2019 Statutory noise notices Details of the noise notices issued by the Council in the last five years and the number withdrawn and the method.
02019144 PDF - 163kb 13/02/2019 Hillside School in Borehamwood Correspondence Communications between Hertsmere Borough Council and the governors for Yavneh School about the Hillside School site.
02019034 PDF - 89kb 14/01/2019 Business rates Request for a full list of companies and charities that have become liable for business rates 15/12/2018 – 14/01/2019.
02019034 PDF - 89kb 02/02/2019 Business rates Penalty Charge Notifications (PCN) for parking partially or wholly on the pavement between 2013/14 and 2017/18.
02019147 PDF - 321kb 14/02/2019 Nappy recycling and disposal Initiatives to reduce nappy waste and improve recycling.
02019148 PDF - 174kb 15/02/2019 Car park tickets contract Details of the person who orders car park tickets, parking charge notices and scratch cards.
02019151 PDF - 176kb 15/02/2019 Car parking machine change Amount of additional revenue raised by ticket machines where change has not been given 2015/16 to 2017/18.
20190161 PDF - 297kb 25/02/2019 Public Health Funerals Details of Public Health Funerals 07/01/2019 to 26/02/2019 and whether other requests received.
20190164 PDF - 251kb 26/02/2019 SEN Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Statement of Special Educational Needs registrations and Education Health Care Plans in place.
02019109 PDF - 363kb 31/01/2019 Council Tax Accounts query Details of Council Tax credits on account held for business owned properties.
02019127 PDF - 175kb 07/02/2019 Council employees under 16, 16-18 and over 18 The number of council employees and volunteers under 16, 16-18 years old and over 18 years old.
02019140 PDF - 451kb 13/02/2019 Enterprise Applications Software contract information Details (cost, renewal, licensing) of council contracts for Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP), Primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Primary Human Resources (HR) and Payroll Software and the organisation's primary corporate Finance Software.
02019103 PDF - 354kb 30/01/2019 Software in use by council Details of version, terms and costs for Payroll, Finance (Accounting), Human resources (HR), Analytics/Business Intelligence, budgeting and forecasting software and whether IT is in-house.
02019152 PDF - 172kb 15/02/2019 Staffing structures Details of the staffing structures for Revenue & Benefits, Environmental Health, Support, Council Tax.
02019139 PDF - 298kb 13/02/2019 Number of days staff on strike Number of days council workers have been on strike in the past 12 months (13/02/2018-13/02/2019).
20190172 PDF - 231kb 28/02/2019 Potholes Amount of Central Government funding received to tackle potholes.
02019102 PDF - 433kb 30/01/2019 Borehamwood Café food standards report Request for the Borehamwood Café food standards inspection report.
02019117 PDF - 173kb 04/02/2019 SWEP provision for last few years Number of people accommodated in SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Provision) in 2018/19.
20190177 PDF - 271kb 01/03/2019 Fostering and Adoption LGBT couples applying for fostering and adoption
02019124 PDF - 405kb 06/02/2019 Business Rates Information Request Details of all accounts with written on/back credit balances that have not been refunded.
02019126 PDF - 426kb 07/02/2019 Business Rates unclaimed credit balances Details of all accounts with unclaimed business rate credit balances.
20190179 PDF - 375kb 04/03/2019 Looked after children services Details related to looked after children and fostering services including carer related issues.
02019132 PDF - 356kb 09/02/2019 Care Leavers and Council Tax Discretionary Reductions Care Leavers in receipt of a discretionary reduction to Council Tax.
02019118 PDF - 275kb 04/02/2019 Council tax increase, requested and collected. The total council tax requested, paid and percentage increases for 2012/13 to 2017/18.
02019122 PDF - 112kb 05/02/2019 Complaints to Magistrates for Council Tax Liability Orders Details of costs and awards for Council Tax Liability Orders
02019153 PDF - 175kb 18/02/2019 Fruit, vegetable and oil processing and packaging plants Details of fruit, vegetable and oil processing and packaging plants within Hertsmere.
02019130 PDF - 302kb 07/02/2019 New Business Rate accounts Details of business rate payers, the rateable values of property and date the account was created.
02019128 PDF - 346kb 07/02/2019 Council tax increase, bills sent for recovery and number prosecuted Council tax increase, bills sent for recovery and number prosecuted over the last six years (2013/14 to 2018/19).
20190190 PDF - 177kb 06/03/2019 Earmarked budget allocations The budget allocated to specific areas of spending from 2015/16 to 2018/19.
20190159 PDF - 171kb 20/02/2019 Contractors parks, recycling and waste Details of whether parks maintenance, trade recycling and the maintenance of waste vehicles is sub-contracted.
02019138 PDF - 257kb 12/02/2019 Textile recycling collectors Number of textile recycling banks for charities and companies on Hertsmere Borough Council land and the names of the collectors.
20190159 PDF - 171kb 20/02/2019 Contractors parks, recycling and waste Details of whether parks maintenance, trade recycling and the maintenance of waste vehicles is sub-contracted.
20190184 PDF - 167kb 05/03/2019 Councillor privacy notice Do councillors have a privacy notice?
20190194 PDF - 182kb 10/03/2019 Potholes and vehicle compensation Details of number of potholes, amount spent on repair, number of claims and amount spent in compensation back to 2009-10.
02019143 PDF - 266kb 13/02/2019 Planning Improvement Programme 2016 Details on how the planning improvement case management software was selected as part of the Planning Improvement Programme 2016.
02019136 PDF - 221kb 12/02/2019 Community Asset Transfers and Assets of Community Value Details of Community Asset Transfers and Assets of Community Value including location, type and date of transfer.
20190174 PDF - 190kb 01/03/2019 Taxis and Private hire companies List of all The Taxis & Private Hire Licence Holders (Ltd companies only)
20190166 PDF - 17517kb 04/02/2019 Contact with EFS Ltd Information on meetings with Elstree Film Studios Ltd.
02019146 PDF - 356kb 14/02/2019 Discretionary Housing Payments claims and awards. Number of claims made for Discretionary Housing Payments and the number of awards for the financial years 2013/14 to 2017/18.
02019069 PDF - 197kb 28/01/2019 Private groundwater abstraction Details of those engaged in private groundwater abstractions within 1km of Shell Elton Way, A41, Watford, WD25 8HH
20190196 PDF - 303kb 11/03/2019 HMO licensing extension Survey of local authorities and the extension of mandatory HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) licensing.
02019123 PDF - 555kb 05/02/2019 Section 106 and CIL payments Details of Section 106 and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy)payments and expenditure by the council.
02019149 PDF - 177kb 15/02/2019 Homelessness Reduction Act FOI The number of people who have approached the authority and been supported with homelessness reduction since 1 April 2018 (to 15 February 2019).
02019150 PDF - 170kb 14/02/2019 Student Council Tax Court summons for council tax for former students 1 January 2018 to 1 January 2019.
20190183 PDF - 402kb 05/03/2019 Recycling and related Recycling costs, percentage recycled and recycling centres between 2009/10 to 2018/19.
20190189 PDF - 172kb 06/03/2019 IT Decision Maker Contact details for IT decision maker.
20190199 PDF - 176kb 07/03/2019 Building Control FOI EIR processes Information on how Building Control requests are processed under the FOI and EIR processes compared to the "accelerated" online process.
20190204 PDF - 172kb 15/03/2019 IT Team contact Contact number for the IT team.

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