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Last Modified November 01, 2023


If you are an external agency or a Hertsmere Borough Council employee who has a query regarding your pay, contact us by emailing payroll@hertsmere.gov.uk or calling 020 8207 2277 ext 3400. 


Our creditors unit is responsible for all supplier invoice payments. If you are a supplier and have a query regarding a purchase order or invoices, please get in touch with your contact at their relevant service department. If your query relates to a payment of an invoice or anything else (including the Construction Industry Scheme), please email creditors@hertsmere.gov.uk or call 020 8207 2277 ext 3190.


Our debtors unit is responsible for maintaining all our sundry debtors accounts, which includes garage and shop rentals, planning and other service fees.  If you have a query regarding an invoice contact us by emailing sundry.debtors@hertsmere.gov.uk or by calling 020 8207 2277 ext 3620. Find out how to make a payment


Our procurement team is responsible for our tendering processes as well as maintaining existing contracts. If you would like to check out new business opportunities to work with us or would like to contact us regarding existing arrangements please visit our contracts pages

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