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Asking questions at council meetings

Last Modified November 19, 2015

You can put forward questions to be asked at our full council meetings.

You must:

  • send it in writing, either by post or email, to arrive no later than midday, 10 days before the meeting.
  • include your name and address and the name of the councillor to whom you want to put your question.


A maximum of six members of the public can ask questions at one council meeting.  No more than two questions per person, or organisation, can be asked at any one meeting.

Questions will normally be asked in the order they were received, but where similar questions are received they will be grouped together.  Each member of the public asking a question at a council meeting can ask, from the floor of the council chamber, a supplementary question arising directly from their original question or the reply. 

 A written response detailing the answer given to your question will be sent to you.

Any related statements submitted with a question will not be included in the meeting agenda.

A question will be rejected if:

  • it is about a matter for which we have no responsibility or which does not affect the borough;
  • it is defamatory, frivolous or offensive;
  • it is substantially the same as a question which has been put at a council meeting in the past six months; or
  • it requires the disclosure of confidential or exempt information.


Questions are put in a public register and sent to the relevant councillor.  Rejected questions will include reasons for rejection. Copies of all questions will also be made available to the public attending the meeting.

Unless the Mayor decides otherwise, no discussion will take place on any question but councillors can ask for a matter raised by a question be referred to the Executive, or the appropriate committee or sub-committee. Once seconded, such a motion will be voted on without discussion.

Send your question to Question Time, Democratic Services at our address below, or you can email: democratic.services@hertsmere.gov.uk


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