We have two Scrutiny committees, whose role is to scrutinise the decisions and performance of the Executive and the council as a whole and to undertake policy development and review work. 

Scrutiny investigates issues which affect people who live and work in Hertsmere, or who use any of the services provided by us. Scrutiny aims to improve the services that you use by monitoring the work of the council, making recommendations on the way services are provided and engaging with you on issues of local concern. 

Scrutiny meetings are normally open to the public. You can see when they are happening. The agenda is published five working days before the meeting.  If a topic on the agenda is of interest to you and you would like to comment on it, please contact us.

Operations Review Committee

The Operations Review Committee will be responsible for scrutinising all operational matters.

Policy Review Committee 


The Policy Review Committee will be responsible for scrutinising our plans and strategies, external partnerships and the annual budget. It will also scrutinise crime and disorder matters as per the Police and Justice Act 2006.