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Business Charter

Last Modified May 14, 2019

As part of Creative Hertsmere a business charter has been produced. The purpose of the business charter is to establish a new working relationship between the council and local businesses in order to improve economic performance and prosperity across the borough.

Our commitment in the charter is to...

  • Champion and support local business
  • Deliver the highest quality of service for businesses and where possible ensure that the particular needs of individual businesses are understood and met
  • Provide value for money, especially within the current economic climate which requires an enterprising and agile approach to delivering public services
  • Analyse needs and seek the views of business to inform service planning
  • Monitor performance to embed a culture of continuous improvements
  • Work in partnership through a range of joint working arrangements
  • Deal with businesses honestly and with integrity
  • Establish an internal Business Champions Group to deal with issues raised by business and ensure that the Charter remains fit for purpose
  • Establish an external Economic Board to provide challenge to and direction for the Charter
The council's new relationship with business will be facilitated through Hertsmere Connect, a new working arrangement  between the council and the Chamber of Commerce that will be focused around a programme of local events and campaigns.

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