Hertsmere Works Economic Development Strategy 2022 to 2027

We have an economic vision that by 2027, the borough will be well on the way to recovery from the current economic crisis and will have moved towards a thriving, vibrant and prosperous economy, underpinned by creativity and enterprise which:

  • Has a well-educated and skilled population
  • Supports creative driven economic development
  • Supports all sectors working in Hertsmere
  • Targets support for the most vulnerable
  • Leads and champions town centre improvements
  • Creates a labour market where all educational institutions meet the current and future needs of the economy.

Our economic strategy (PDF 9Mb) has been influenced by the Hertsmere Vision and specifically the aspirations in Statement 3: Hertsmere is enterprising.

The Hertsmere Vision for 2022-2027 reflects a new approach to setting out our strategic priorities. It sets out our aspirations, reflecting both opportunities and challenges, capturing our unique geographical, social and economic strengths and identifying areas for action and development.

Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate appropriate and high-quality support and help for all businesses, creating local jobs for local people, and providing a balanced economy for our increasing population.

We are working in collaboration with various partners to support innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship in every aspect of community life which will include assisting residents and businesses in fulfilling their potential.

The strategy identifies six key priority areas:

  1. Regrouping and growing post pandemic and responding to the rising cost of living;
  2. Inward investment and the creative sector;
  3. Employment and skills;
  4. Transport and digital connectivity;
  5. Rebrand and repurpose the high streets;
  6. Innovation and enterprise;
  7. Partnership working.

For full details of the priorities and what they mean for you, please read our Economic Development Strategy 2022-27 PDF 8.74Mb.