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Economic Development (Creative Hertsmere)

Last Modified October 06, 2020

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Creative Hertsmere is the council's economic growth initiative for 2014 and beyond. 

We are working in collaboration with various partners to support innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship in every aspect of community life which will include assisting residents and businesses in fulfilling their potential.

The vision

To grasp the challenges and opportunities faced and unlock the full potential of the borough's assets, Creative Hertsmere's vision is that by 2026 the borough will have a thriving, vibrant and prosperous economy that is underpinned by creativity and enterprise which:
  • drives innovation and business growth to deliver the 8,000 jobs cited in the Hertsmere Core Strategy.
  • has a well-educated and skilled population willing and able to compete in the local and global economy.
  • supports creative driven economic development within the borough and across the wider area with a particular focus on the film and television industry.
  • targets support for the most vulnerable.
  • leads and champions town centre improvements to improve the retail and leisure offer across the borough.
  • creates a labour markets where the educational institutions (connected from early years to higher education) meet the current and future needs of the economy.

To share your views or for further information on Creative Hertsmere please get in touch via economic.development@hertsmere.gov.uk

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The Hertfordshire Growth Hub is a partnership between the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the European Regional Development Fund, Exemplas and the University of Hertfordshire.

The Growth Hub aims to be the go-to service for established businesses in the county, with the drive and potential to grow, helping them find and use high quality locally-sourced support and expertise. The Growth Hub offers free of charge, one-to-one support from experts specialising in skills, finance, technology and productivity, sales and marketing and inward investment. Based on a thorough evaluation of your business ambitions, the specialist business advisers will tailor an appropriate action plan and help you find any funding available for it.

Events are regularly run across the county and are based around the specialist advice areas. These interactive events feature guest presenters and industry experts; allowing SMEs in the county free access to real world advice and insights. For support to grow your business find out more at the Growth Hub website, call them on 0844 725 5575 or email enquiries@hertsgrowthhub.com.



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