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Strategic priorities and projects

Last Modified May 14, 2019
To translate the vision of Creative Hertsmere into action the following strategic priorities and projects will be pursued:
Creating certainty for investment through strong leadership that will put in place critical infrastructure, a coherent and robust policy framework and a joined up "can do" approach to deliver the following work programmes:
  • Priority Project 1 (PP1) - ' Invest Hertsmere' to develop key sites, to improve both physical and digital connectivity of the area and to market what Hertsmere has to offer.
  • PP2 - 'Vibrant Hertsmere' to increase the attractiveness of the borough.
Nurturing employment and enterprise through providing tailored support, promoting exports, providing high quality "fit for purpose" accommodation, developing key sectors and driving effective networks, all of which will be provided by delivering the following work programmes:
  • PP3 - 'Enterprising Hertsmere' to support local businesses with advice and infrastructure including modern flexible accommodation.
  • PP4 - 'Hertsmere Connect' to provide business engagement and support delivery.
  • PP5 - 'Hertsmere Business Charter'  to ensure council services support and nurture the local economy.
Championing learning and skills through working with employers and training providers to deliver the following work programmes: 
  • PP6 - 'Skilling Hertsmere' to promote apprenticeships, traineeships, work placements and entrepreneurship which will reinforce the existing strong skill base.

Generating quality places that will focus on unlocking the economic potential of the borough through
  • PP7 - ' South Hertfordshire/North London Creative Corridor' focuses on the M25 corridor and is currently being explored with neighbouring authorities.
  • PP8 - 'Elstree Creative Corridor' covering the east/west corridor stretching from the M1 through Borehamwood and Elstree to the A1 encompassing the Elstree Way Employment Area, Centennial Park Industrial Area, Borehamwood town centre and other commercial opportunity sites.
  • PP9 - 'Town Centre Improvement Strategies' which will look at improving the vitality and viability in Borehamwood, Potters Bar and Bushey.
Driving a sector approach to support all types of businesses across the borough with a particular emphasis on creative industries, scientific research and development, and niche pharmaceutical activity.
  • PP10 - Sector strategies to profile sectors, facilitate sector focused networks and deliver sector based action plans.
Under each of the priority projects several headline actions will have to be undertaken in order to underpin the development and delivery. Find out more about these on the action planning page.


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