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Animal Licensing Fees: Exhibition and Training

Last Modified April 05, 2024

Animal Licensing fees come in 2 parts. The Application Fee must be submitted with your application paperwork and is non refundable if your application is refused. 

An Exhibition and Training of Animals licence, once granted, is an automatic 3 year licence. No star rating is granted for this type of licence. 

Application fees are dependant on the number of animals to be kept and whether at a domestic property (i.e. for exhibition in buildings/locations owned by a third party) or at a premises open to the public or to which customers/ public are permitted access to. 

Application Fees 1- 4 species
TYPE PremisesDomestic
Application Fees 5 - 10 species
 TypePremises  Domestic
 New Application  £311 £259 
 Renewal Application  £265 £213 

Application Fees 10 species or more

New Application   £348
Renewal £302
Grant Fees - Automatic 3 years
Type Premise 1-4Domestic 1-4Premises 5-10Domestic 5-1010 +
-  £370 £370 £401 £370 £416
Total Licence Costs for New Applicants
 TYPEPremises 1-4 Domestic 1-4 premises 5-10domestic 5-1010+
 NEW  £645 £611  £712 £629 £764
Total Licence Costs for Renewal Applicants
Type  PREMISES 1-4 DOMESTIC 1-4PREMISES 5-10  domestic 5-10 10+
 renewal £598   £564 £666  £583   £718
Animal Exhibitors/Trainers/Encounters visiting from outside England will need to apply to the first Home Authority they visit. If this is within Hertsmere, then the fees for application are as above. Grant fee pro rata's on a monthly basis rounded up to the calendar month. 

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