When to apply for your renewal

You can  apply to renew your vehicle licence at any time within the calendar month before your licence expires. Applications will be granted within 5 working days of a complete and valid application being received. We will not offer you any other guarantee as to how soon your application will be processed and plate available other than it being no later than five working days.  

You must submit a complete and valid application at least five working days before your licence expires in order to receive your licence in time to continue to work immediately after its expiry.  

Once your application is received we will validate it and then contact you to arrange for you to visit the Council Offices to collect your plate and have your vehicle checked by an officer. The earlier you apply to renew your licence the greater the chance of us arranging an appointment that fits with your schedule. 

Before applying to renew

Your vehicle must pass an MOT and a compliance certificate at one of our approved garages no earlier than 14 days before you submit your application. If your MOT and/or compliance certificate are older than 14 days when you come to submit you will need to book and pay for the same assessment at an approved garage.

How to apply


Download and complete the application form and submit it to us with the following documents: 

  1. Vehicle Logbook V5C
  2. MOT certificate issued in the last 14 days from an approved garage;
  3. Certificate of compliance issued in the last 14 days from an approved garage;
  4. Insurance for public hire and reward
  5. Confirmation of payment. 

You may also need: 

  1. A Basic DBS disclosure if you are not a licensed driver;
  2. A letter from the owner of the vehicle if it is not yours:
  3. Certificate of Calibration if your vehicle is a Hackney Carriage; 

You should either post the completed application form to the Council Offices (you can do this by hand) or email the documents to us.

Submitting by e-mail

You should either e-mail the application and all the documents to us as one e-mail. If this is not possible you can email the documents individually provided that you do so at the same time and include your licence number and description of the item attached (eg. Vehicle Licence 5555 – Insurance)

How to pay

You can pay for your vehicle licence renewal using our online payment system. 

Please ensure that you complete the details correctly, particularly your name, licence number and address. You should then either note the receipt number in your email to us or screenshot confirmation of your payment and send it to us along with your other documents.