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Community Safety

Last Modified October 09, 2020


CCTV in Hertsmere - find out how often CCTV is monitored in the borough and how to request a CCTV viewing if you've been in an accident or incident.

Terrorism and Radicalisation

Report terrorism and radicalisation. Find out about Prevent and their strategy, how you can help, report concerns on online material and view leaflets.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse - find out how to get help, emergency contact details, spotting the signs of abuse and the contacts of various help organisations.

Gang Crime and Exploitation

Gang crime and exploitation - find out about different types of exploitation, how to spot the signs and where to get help and support.

Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership

Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership - find out more about our priorities and work, other organisations in our partnership and read our contacts leaflet.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery - find out what it is, how to spot the signs in adults and children, report any concerns and find useful resources and further information.

Report anti-social behaviour or crime

Report a crime - find out how to report a crime or anti-social behaviour, find details of your local officer and get information on community triggers.

Safety Advice

Read more about safety advice from Hertsmere Community Safety Partnership (CSP)

Support for victims of crime

Get support from Beacon if you've been a victim of crime - find out what help and support is available, what happens next and also get help for under 18's.

Watch schemes

Neighbourhood Watch - find out how to join neighbourhood watch in Hertsmere plus other watch schemes including, dog, shop, business, pub and senior watch.

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