Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world faces today. We declared a climate emergency in September 2019 and committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions no later than 2050.

Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy

We have adopted a Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy and the associated Action Plan that will:

  • Enable us to reduce and offset its own operational emissions leading up to net-zero emissions by 2050
  • Further the implementation of sustainability and circular economy
  • Enable us to influence the land use and operational impact of residents, businesses and organisations to reduce and offset their own emissions
  • Help build resilience against impacts of climate change
  • Promote zero carbon and sustainable development 
  • Improve well-being and quality of life of the residents of Hertsmere.

Planning Position Statement 

We have adopted an Interim Planning Position Statement on Climate Change to encourage and help steer the borough towards sustainable, net zero carbon development by clarifying how existing policies will be interpreted.

Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership

We are a partner of the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP), which has members from Hertfordshire County Council, all 10 local district and borough councils and the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

This is a strategic partnership which aims to share information, coordinate and influence solutions, and bring forward proposals for interventions around climate change and sustainability across Hertfordshire. The key focus for HCCSP is working in partnership and developing joint programmes that are beyond the scope of individual authorities.