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Landlord schemes

Last Modified July 05, 2019

Incentive Scheme

We will provide a cash incentive to landlords and letting agents who let a property through Let with Hertsmere.

The cash incentive will be determined by the size of the property and the length of tenancy provided to the tenant

This is instead of a deposit so there is no legal requirement for it to be placed into a tenancy protection scheme.

Under this scheme you will also have access to Let with Hertsmere’s handyperson service*

Once a suitable tenant has been selected, they are required to complete and pass a mandatory pre-tenancy online training course before they can move into your property.

For a complete list of the services covered under the incentive scheme please see below: 

Cash Incentive

Handyperson service

Fast tracked Housing benefit applications **

Mandatory online- pre tenancy training for tenants

Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) agreement provided

Landlord & Tenant support pack







 Rent Deposit Scheme

Under this scheme we will provide a two months deposit (in the form of a bond certificate) against damage to the property along with the first month's rent in advance (bacs payment).

Additionally for those providing the tenant with a two year tenancy through this scheme we will pay the landlords insurance up to a maximum of £500 per year **

You will also have access to all the other services provided under the incentive scheme (minus the cash payment) 

2 Months Bond deposit

First month’s rent in advance

Landlords insurance ***

Handyperson Service *

Tenancy Sustainment & Landlord Liaison Officer

Mandatory online- pre tenancy training for tenants

AST provided

Support Pack









Tenant Checks

Many people looking for private rented accommodation approach Let with Hertsmere. This means that we can operate a fast tenant referral system and find you a suitable tenant within a matter of days. 

The speed in which we can provide you a potential tenant does not compromise our careful approach on tenant selection. Our team will undertake an interview with all prospective tenants and check their suitability for your property. We check any previous known tenancy records to ensure there is no history of rent arrears, anti-social behaviour or previous malicious damage to a property. 

Along with the above checks, we also carry out affordability assessments using details of the applicants income and expenditure and their current credit records. 

Housing benefit

Many people in Hertsmere are either on minimum wage or part time contracts. This means that some of our prospective tenants will be in receipt of Housing Benefit for all or part of the rent. We can offer clear advice about the benefit process and payments along with fast tracking any new claims and amendments

Our Tenancy Sustainment & Landlord Liaison Officer will be able to assist with any housing benefit related issues during the length of any tenancy.

** Only properties which fall within the borough of Hertsmere will be eligible for our fast track service.

Property Compliance

Whilst working with Let with Hertsmere, we will offer you free advice about what you need to do to make sure that your property is safe and legal to occupy. This includes Gas Safety, Energy Performance, Electrical Certification, any lender permissions and any insurance you may need.

Our team will keep you up to date with all legislation and national and local policy recommendations and advise you of improvements/amendments needed for your property.

Tenancy Agreement

Assured Shorthold Tenancies are legal documents that are complex. We make life simple by providing you with a standard document, regularly checked and updated by our in house legal team, so that you know you have a correct legal document to safeguard both you and the tenant.

One or all

It does not matter if you are an established landlord or if you are new to the business. Whether you have one property or a portfolio of properties to rent.  We have tried to tailor our three schemes to meet the requirements of your individual needs, and how involved you want to be.  


Let with Hertsmere ensures that all staff who work with clients or who visit people in their home are police checked (DBS).

Our staff are legally compliant with all health and safety legislation and we will never take short cuts that could risk your, or our, safety.

Handyperson Scheme *

We are working in partnership with a local organisation to provide a Handyperson service to landlord and tenants at heavily discounted rates. Landlords will be able to use the service to carry our repairs and improvements around their properties let through us. Tenants with permission from the landlord can use this scheme for services such as decorating.

Landlord insurance ***

Let with Hertsmere will pay the landlords insurance for any property offered to us on a two year tenancy. The insurance will include provision for guarantee of rent and will ensure it is suitable for those tenants in receipt of housing benefits/Universal Credit.


Let with Hertsmere is a part of Hertsmere Borough Council's Housing team which is a member of The Housing Ombudsman. The Housing Ombudsman provides a free, fair and independent service for dealing with unresolved disputes between Let with Hertsmere, landlords/agencies or tenants in the UK.  The Housing Ombudsman is a totally independent organisation of agents. The housing ombudsman website is https://www.housing-ombudsman.org.uk/

 The primary objectives of the three schemes is to help those in housing need in the borough and it is offered to all private landlords and potential tenants who have been assessed under the Housing Act 1996 and who are eligible under these rules.

  • If you would like more information on the scheme, or would like to offer your rental property to the scheme, please contact Let with Hertsmere on 0208 207 7555 or email letwithhertsmere@hertsmere.gov.uk  


We also offer an assistance scheme to help tenants find their own accommodation.

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