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Article 4 Directions

Last Modified July 25, 2016

Jasmine Cottage, Letchmore Heath, is in an area protected by an Article 4 DirectionArticle 4 Directions remove some, or all, permitted development rights from properties in a particular area. This means that some forms of development require full planning permission.

Article 4 Directions are only issued after careful consideration when it is felt that certain forms of uncontrolled development, such as certain extensions or changes to windows and doors, would harm the special character of an area, particularly where the development would be visible from the public highway.

Directions introduced within a Conservation Area are known as Article 4(1) Directions.

You can use My Maps to check whether an address is affected by an Article 4 Direction.

Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions on Article 4 Directions.

Each Direction is different, and places unique restrictions on works that can be carried out without needing planning permission. Some are available to download below, but if the one you are looking for is not listed, please contact us for full details.

Article 4 Directions:


  • Land at Theobald Street, Borehamwood



  • Reveley Almshouses, Park Road, Bushey
  • Sparrows Herne, Little Bushey Lane, Bushey 
  • The Moorings, The Avenue and 125 Aldenham Road, Bushey
  • Went House, 105 Bushey Grove Road, Bushey
  • Warren Road, The Comyns, Coles Green, Rose Lawn, Bushey Heath


Letchmore Heath

  • Offley Cottage, The Green, Letchmore Heath
  • The Mission Hall, Grange Lane, Letchmore Heath
  • Letchmore Heath


Potters Bar




  • Cage Pond Road/Hillcrest Road, Shenley
  • The Clubhouse, 108 London Road, Shenley

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