We have undertaken a review of the Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area, which includes Windmill Lane, High Road and Hartsbourne Park
We are proposing removing its status as a conservation area, which is known as de-designation, and using alternative ways of protecting the character of the area.

Before any changes are considered we have sought views from local residents, businesses and anyone else who has an interest in the conservation area and its future development.  A consultation period ran from 17 June to 29 July 2013.

We have a statutory responsibility to review its Conservation Areas from time to time. Our conservation consultants, the Built Environment Advisory and Management Service (BEAMS), part of the Hertfordshire Building Preservation Trust, carried out an assessment of the Conservation Area. This review looked at the character of Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area, and if it should be protected as a historically important part of the borough.

What did the review look at?

The review also looked at the ways in which its character could be preserved and enhanced for future generations. The process of doing this was to look at different areas or 'character zones' within the Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area and analyse each in detail, taking in what were considered to be good, neutral and bad features. It was as a result of this analysis that changes were identified.

What are the proposed changes?

We feel that the Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area has the potential to remain an attractive area, but a conservation area is not an appropriate way to manage the area and other forms of protection for specific features would be more effective.

When the area was designated a conservation area in 1990, Hartsbourne Park, which had just been granted planning permission was included in the designation. It\'s thought that the original designation of the conservation was just acceptable at the time, and it is now infrequent to de-designate an area.

Unfortunately, changes have been made, through permitted development rights, the granting of planning permission and other street scene changes, that have had a cumulative and negative effect on the historic character of the area

It is also recommended that:

  • Homes on the High Road including numbers 158, 160, 162 and 168 are considered as Locally Important Buildings;
  • The area is reviewed for significant trees for potential preservation orders; and
  • An Article 4 Direction is considered for the replacement of front boundary treatment along High Road.

Will the area be affected if the conservation area is de-designated?

It is felt that the conservation area has not satisfactorily protected the character of the area over the last 23 years. If the conservation area were removed or de-designated, other measures could be used to protect valuable features in the area. These measures would be in place before any de-designation takes place.

The full version of the Draft Bushey Heath High Road Conservation Area Appraisal is available to download from this page, and to view at Civic Offices in Elstree Way, Borehamwood, the Bushey Area Office in High Street, the Bushey Library, and the Bushey Museum and Art Gallery.

What will happen after consultation?

Consultation ran from 17 June to 29 July 2013. Now we have received all your comments we will consider these and make any adjustments considered necessary. Also, we will notify you of any boundary changes that affect your property. The final decision on the document and any changes will be considered by our executive committee.