Potters Bar Darkes Lane (West) is a conservation area including the Avenue, Heath Drive, Manor Way and Mountway areas.

We review conservation areas from time to time to see whether any additional locations should be included, or if any others need to be removed. We carry out this work with the help of conservation experts, and consult with the public.

We look at issues such as why the area should be protected as a historically important part of the borough, consider good, neutral and poor features of the area so that recommendations for improvement can be made to preserve the area for future generations.

What does being in a conservation area mean?

Being in a conservation area affects what you can and cannot do to your property. This includes:

  • Restrictions on the types of development that can take place to houses without planning permission
  • What planning applications will be allowed
  • Additional protection for all trees, with permissions needed for work to be carried out on them 

As well as tightening enforcement controls, we can also add controls on particularly important buildings within the area.

Where is the Darkes Lane (West) conservation area?

See our map and review documents for further information:

You can also see these documents at our offices in Borehamwood and Potters Bar.