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Radlett South Conservation Area Appraisal

Last Modified March 22, 2016

a historic view of part of the Radlett South Conservation AreaWe review conservation areas from time to time to see whether any additional locations should be included, or if any others need to be removed. We usually carry out this work with the help of conservation experts, the Built Environment Advisory and Management Service (BEAMS), part of the Hertfordshire Buildings Preservation Trust, and consult with the public.

We look at issues such as why the area should be protected as a historically important part of the borough, consider good, neutral and poor features of the area so that recommendations for improvement can be made to preserve the area for future generations

When was it last assessed and what was done?

part of the Radlett South Conservation Area in the present dayWe last made alterations to the Radlett South Conservation Area boundary and they way it is managed in October 2012, following a full appraisal and public consultation. 
This analysis of the area was done by splitting the Conservation Area into four distinct character zones. The results from the analysis of each zone were then used to provide specific and overall recommendations.

Following this, all properties in Church Close, and 27a and 29a Christchurch Crescent were removed from the Conservation Area.

Where can I see a map of the new Conservation Area boundary?

Download the Radlett South Conservation Area boundary map.

A map can also be viewed at the Civic Offices.

What else did the appraisal recommend?

The Appraisal also made recommendations concerning the ways in which the Conservation Area is managed.

These include: 

  • Given that Loom Lane has been affected by demolition proposals, further development needs to be carefully managed to avoid any further adverse impact on this part of the Conservation Area
  • Article 4 Directions to be considered in the future for the buildings specified within the Conservation Area Appraisal

Where can I see the full Conservation Area Appraisal?

Download the full version of the Radlett South Conservation Area Appraisal Report.

This document is also available to view at Civic Offices.


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