You can also download planning application forms and submit them


Application Fees and How to Pay

Find information on application fees and how to pay 

Modify or Discharge a Section 106 Planning Obligation

To modify or discharge a section 106 Planning Obligation (PDF 195kb), please download the application form. For more information, please refer to The Town and Country Planning (Modification and Discharge of Planning Obligations) Regulations 1992 for further details.

Application Requirements (What Information to Provide) Including Financial Viability Assessments Information

There are requirements for what must be submitted as part of a planning application.  These are set out in the National Validation Requirements.  The period for deciding an application cannot start until all required information has been received.

  • Application fee
  • Fill in all questions on your application form
  • Complete the correct ownership certificate
  • Make sure your plans are to a recognised metric scale, including a scale bar and are in pdf format
  • Completed Community Infrastructure Levy Additional Information form (where necessary)

From 1st July 2020 the Council will publish all submitted Financial Viability Assessments that accompany planning applications in full. This is to accord with the NPPG Viability (Paragraph: 021 Reference ID: 10-021-20190509).

If a Financial Viability Assessment is submitted and includes proposed redactions for a published version, we will consider these redactions within 10 working days of submission. The council will then notify the applicant of the information it intends to publish, before its publication. The council will then publish the information after 10 working days following that notification.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss redactions with the council at pre-application stage in order to agree any redactions prior to submission. Any redactions agreed may be subject to further review in the light of applications under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Shenley Neighbourhood Plan Checklist

Planning applications within the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan area should be accompanied by a completed checklist setting out how the proposals adhere to the Neighbourhood Plan. This will form part of our local validation requirements in due course. 
Shenley Plan Code Compliance Checklist Assessment (for completion by officer) (DOC 500kb)
Shenley Plan Code Compliance Checklist (for completion by application - validation) (DOC 536kb)