Land south of Shenley Hill, Radlett, Hertfordshire

Planning appeal reference: APP/N1920/W/23/3320599

Planning application ref: 22/1539/OUT



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About the inquiry

The public inquiry is being held into our decision to refuse planning application 22/1539/OUT for:

Erection of up to 195 new homes (40% affordable), safeguarded land for the expansion of Newberries Primary School and provision of a new medical centre, along with associated access. Outline application to include the matter of ACCESS (with the following matters reserved: APPEARANCE, LANDSCAPING, LAYOUT and SCALE).

At: Land south of Shenley Hill, Radlett, Hertfordshire

**IMPORTANT NOTE: The dates for the inquiry have been revised.**

Dates for the inquiry

The inquiry opens on Tuesday 22 August 2023 at 10am 

It then continues on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 23 August - starts at 10am
  • Thursday 24 August - starts at 10am

**The Inquiry was adjourned on Thursday 24 August  it will resume on Friday 6 October, this will be a virtual meeting**. 

The above dates were IN-PERSON events and the inquiry was held at the Civic Offices, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 1WA.

The dates below will be VIRTUAL MEETINGS ONLY: 

  • Friday 6 October - starts 10am 
  • Monday 9 October - starts 10am
  • Monday 30 October - reserve date held in case of overrunning.


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Please note this event is now a part in-person  and a part virtual event.

Case conference notes (156kb PDF) 

The Inquiry timetable for each day is available to view here   Timetable (PDF 255KB)

Core Documents

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Documents submitted during the Inquiry

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Appeal Details

  • Planning Inspectorate reference: APP/N1920/W/23/3320599
  • Location: Land south of Shenley Hill, Radlett, Hertfordshire

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