What is Neighbourhood Planning

Communities can now prepare neighbourhood plans to influence the future of their areas. These allow communities to set out their own vision for their local area and set general planning policies to guide development in their neighbourhood. However, plans must still meet the needs of the wider area and take into account the local council's assessment of housing and other development needs in the area.

Neighbourhood Plans once they have been approved at a referendum, form part of the statutory Development Plan for the borough as prescribed by the Localism Act, 2011.

Neighbourhood planning in Hertsmere

Radlett Neighbourhood Plan

This plan has been "made" (adopted) and passed referendum on 6 May 2021.

The Radlett Neighbourhood Plan covers the urban area of Radlett within Aldenham Parish.

Visit the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan webpage to find out more.

Shenley Neighbourhood Plan

Shenley Parish Council have prepared a neighbourhood plan for Shenley. This plan has been "made" (adopted) and passed referendum to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

Visit the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan webpage to find out more.

Shenley Neighbourhood Plan checklist

Planning applications within the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan area should be accompanied by a completed checklist setting out how the proposals adhere to the Neighbourhood Plan. This will form part of our local validation requirements in due course.

Shenley Plan Code Compliance Checklist Assessment (for completion by applicant) (DOC 536kb)

Shenley Plan Code Compliance Checklist Assessment (for completion by officer) (DOC 500kb)


Elstree and Borehamwood Neighbourhood Plan

On 11th July 2022 in accordance with The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council requested the designation of the entirety of the Town Council’s boundary as a neighbourhood area.  On 13th July 2022, Hertsmere Borough Council confirmed the designation of the neighbourhood area.

The request letter from the Town Council and a map of the neighbourhood area can be viewed here

EBTC application

The confirmation letter from Hertsmere Borough Council can be viewed here

HBC response to EBTC application

A guide to preparing neighbourhood plans

We realise that neighbourhood planning and the rules that communities need to follow can be complex so we have prepared a guide to help communities decide whether to get involved in neighbourhood planning and help them in preparing a plan if they do.

The guide seeks to give residents an introduction to neighbourhood planning, explains the steps communities should follow when they are creating a neighbourhood plan; set outs our role and gives information on sources of support and help.

  • Neighbourhood Plans: Process for preparing a neighbourhood plan
  • You can also read more about neighbourhood plans and other aspects of neighbourhood planning in general on Hertfordshire County Council's 'Neighbourhood Planning' page.
  • Locality is the leading nationwide network for community-led organisations, and has government backing to provide information and support to communities considering a Neighbourhood Plan. Their website provides printed guides and many case studies to aid in the consideration and production of Neighbourhood Plans.

Frequently asked questions

We have prepared a document which explains more about neighbourhood planning and answers some of the frequently asked questions. It also sets out a number of key issues for you to consider if you are thinking of preparing a neighbourhood plan in your area

The regulations

The Government has released the following Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.


For more information about the neighbourhood plan process please email the Planning Policy and Transport Team on local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk or call on 020 8207 2277.