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Radlett Neighbourhood Plan

Last Modified July 25, 2017

Preparation of a neighbourhood plan for Radlett


Aldenham Parish Council is currently consulting the community on a draft neighbourhood plan for Radlett. You can send comments to the Parish Council between 17 July 2017 and 30 September 2017. Please see the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan website for more information.

What happens next?

Following this consultation period Aldenham Parish Council will consider the responses and where appropriate incorporate these into a final draft.

We will check that the submitted plan complies with all relevant legislation, and if we find that it does we will then:

  • publicise the proposal for a minimum of six weeks and invite representations;
  • notify consultation bodies referred to in the consultation statement; and
  • appoint an independent examiner (with the agreement of the Parish Council).


The Inspector will hold a hearing on the plan's content and issue a report, which is published by Hertsmere Borough Council. The Council then considers this report and determines whether it should proceed to a referendum.

Anybody registered to vote in the area covered by your Neighbourhood Plan will be entitled to vote. A simple majority of votes (over 50% of those voting) in favour of your Neighbourhood Plan is sufficient for it to succeed.

Over 50% of eligible voters must vote in favour in order for the local planning authority to 'make' the neighbourhood plan (bring it into force). At this point it becomes part of the development plan for the area and has to be taken into account in decisions on planning applications.

For information or help relating to this web page please contact the Policy and Transport Team on local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk.

For information about the content or timescales of the neighbourhood plan itself please contact Aldenham Parish Council at info@radlettplan.org or see the Radlett Neighbourhood Plan website.

Previous steps

Neighbourhood area

A neighbourhood area is the geographical area that the policies in the neighbourhood plan will apply to. Designating a neighbourhood area is an early step in producing a neighbourhood plan, and formerly indicates the area that the neighbourhood plan will cover.

In 2013 Aldenham Parish Council applied to us to have a neighbourhood area designated covering the urban area of Radlett and its immediate surroundings, and this was approved by Hertsmere.

After approving the area it was noticed that it overlapped the borough boundary, inadvertently covering a small part of the parish of St Stephen which lies within St Albans City and District. St Stephen parish were also producing a neighbourhood plan, and as two plans cannot cover the same area the Radlett plan boundary has now been amended.

We publicised the Parish Council's revised submission for a period of six weeks (10 November to 22 December 2016) as required by government regulations [1], during which interested people were able to make representations. Following this a revised boundary was designated.



The application for the revised area should be read in conjunction with the application made in 2013 which explains why this area is considered appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area and a statement that the organisation or body making the area application is a relevant body for the purposes of section 61G of the 1990 Act.

[1] Town and Country Planning, England. The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) (Amendment) Regulations 2015.


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