Shenley Parish Council is currently producing a neighbourhood plan for Shenley. The Shenley Neighbourhood Plan, once finalised, will inform landlords, developers, investors and our planning committee about the characteristics, unique challenges and opportunities across Shenley.

You can view the Shenley plan online (PDF 75mb). 


Shenley Parish Council has submitted the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan to undergo examination. Hertsmere Borough Council has appointed Mr John Slater (BA (Hons), DMS, MRTPI) as Independent Examiner of the Neighbourhood Plan.

On reviewing the content of the proposed Shenley Neighbourhood Plan and representations received as part of the consultation process, the examiner has prepared his initial comments (PDF 1.3mb).

What happens next?

The Examiner will review the plan's content and issue a report, which is published by Hertsmere Borough Council. The Council then considers this report and determines whether any modifications are required before it can proceed to a referendum. 

Anybody registered to vote in the area covered by the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan will be entitled to vote. A simple majority of votes (over 50% of those voting) in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan is required in order for the local planning authority to 'make' the neighbourhood plan (bring it into force). At this point it becomes part of the development plan for the area and has to be taken into account in decisions on planning applications.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the Shenley Neighbourhood Plan please contact the clerk to the parish council on  or  01923 855 865, or visit the Shenley Parish Council website.

For information or help relating to the public engagement period, please contact the Planning Policy Team by emailing

Previous Steps

Regulation 16 Consultation

The Shenley Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council in October 2019, under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. A 6 week public consultation was held between 29 October and 10 December 2019. If you wish to view the consultation, please visit our consultation system.

Neighbourhood area designation

In October 2016 Shenley Parish Council formally applied to Hertsmere Council for the designation of a neighbourhood area covering the Shenley Parish and the part of Shenley Cricket Club which is within Aldenham Parish.

We publicised the parish council’s submission in accordance with Government regulations. We allowed a period of six weeks between 10 November and 22 December 2016 during which interested people were able to make representations. No objections were received, and Hertsmere Borough Council’s Executive approved the designation of the Shenley Neighbourhood Area on 8 February 2017.

The minutes of the meeting will be made available on the council Executive meetings web page in due course.