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Last Modified July 20, 2016

What services is Hertsmere responsible for?

Hertsmere Borough Council is responsible for providing services including benefits, car parking, community safety, elections, environmental health, housing needs, leisure and parks, licensing, planning, street cleaning and kerbside waste and recycling collections.  You can have a look at what services we provide through the menu on the left-hand side of this page.

We work in partnership with other local authorities to improve the quality of life for residents but we do not have any control over services which are statutorily provided by other organisations e.g. roads and street lights as they are provided by Hertfordshire County Council.  Hertsmere Borough Council is completely separate from the county council with different responsibilities, staff and councillors.

Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for providing services including adoption and fostering, early years childcare, fire and rescue, health and social care, household waste recycling centres, libraries, public transport, registry, roads, schools, street lights, trading standards and youth provision across the ten districts of Hertfordshire.

There are also town and parish councils which operate in some areas of Hertsmere.

More information about who does what.

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Your local councillors

Hertsmere has 39 councillors in 15 wards who are elected to serve for four years at a time and the number of seats held by political groups is currently: 

  • Conservative 37
  • Labour 2

The Leader of the Council and the Conservative Group is Cllr Morris Bright. He is responsible for:

  • Overall strategy and coordination
  • Interface with external agencies
  • Chairing meetings of the Executive

The Leader of the Labour Group is Cllr Richard Butler

Your ward councillors are elected to represent you and your community. They should be your first point of contact if you want to comment or see some action on an issue or a service that concerns you.

Members are happy for you to contact them at any reasonable time, and therefore many do not arrange surgeries.

Hertsmere's vision

Our vision is to take a leading role in improving the quality of life for everyone in Hertsmere. Our values are to:

  • Be customer-focused
  • Provide community leadership
  • Continuously improve the quality of service delivery
  • Be a good employer


We have six main goals:

  • Create an even safer community for all
  • Sustain improvements in the quality of Hertsmere's environment
  • Continue to promote healthy living, leisure and cultural opportunities
  • Encourage economic prosperity
  • Work towards meeting local housing needs through our strategic housing role
  • Sustain organisational improvements to meet community needs


To achieve this, we have a number of committees and operate a cabinet form of governance. The Leader and cabinet are called the Executive and they take most major decisions within a framework approved by the council. Information about each committee is available by clicking on the links listed below:


You can find out more about which committees councillors sit on from our members' directory page.

The dates and times of meetings are on our meeting schedule page.

If you live, or own a property or business in Hertsmere, you can submit a question to be considered at a council meeting.

Find out about our management structure


If you feel strongly about an issue in which we have an interest or involvement, you can present a petition on the matter. This should include a clear statement of your concerns and a list of supporting names and addresses. Visit our online petitions section for more information.

Forward Plan

Our Forward Plan contains matters which the Leader believes will be the subject of key decisions. A key decision is defined as one which will result in expenditure or savings of £100,000 revenue or £100,000 or more capital in any one year, or one that has a significant impact on people living or working in two or more wards.

You can see the latest version of our council's Forward Plan here or call in to our offices

You can read more about our procedures on all these issues in our constitution.


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