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No excuse for abuse

Last Modified February 08, 2024

No excuse for abuse-2We take abuse or aggression that's directed towards our staff extremely seriously, whether it's face-to face, over the telephone or on email.

We are committed to protecting our staff and tackling workplace violence. We always encourage our staff to report any instance of abuse so that we can involve the police if appropriate and seek the toughest penalties. 

We understand that you can become frustrated if you feel that matters are not being dealt with as you wish. You may be under stress or have other personal issues, but if that escalates towards aggression we will take action.


If you have an issue you would like to discuss, please call our Customer Service team or visit our council offices. Information on our council offices, opening hours and how to reach the council out of hours, is on our contact us page.


We welcome your feedback to help improve our service to you, whether you have a comment, a complaint or want to compliment us.

A complaint is when you tell us you are not happy; for example if:

  • you think you have been treated unfairly or impolitely
  • we have not done something we should have done
  • we have done something badly, or in the wrong way


Please visit our Comments, Complaints and Compliments page for more information.


Specific comments or complaints on services should be dealt with as follows:


Councillors are elected to represent you. If you have a concern or would like to discuss an issue you can contact your local councillor. Councillors represent a specific ward. Find your local councillor

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