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List of Services

Last Modified September 09, 2014

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Oakmere Park

Information on Oakmere Park, where it is and what it has to offer.

Official Publications, Guides & Policies

Find out about your rights under the Freedom of Information Act, Data Protection Act and Environmental Information Regulations, and read our residents' magazine, Hertsmere News.

Online access to details of benefit entitlement

Details on how you can view details of your benefit entitlement / payments online.

Onshore extraction of oil and gas

Planning application for development relating to onshore extraction of oil and gas

Open and derelict properties

Information about reporting empty and derelict homes in Hertsmere.

Organ Hall Open Space

Information about Organ Hall open space, where it is and what it has to offer.

Organising an event

Information on safe and successful events.

Our carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of our buildings and community assets

Our committees & meetings

Find out about our committees and meetings, as well as information about how to ask a question, attend and make representations.

Our Community Strategy

Hertsmere Together's Community Strategy is a framework which enables local organisations to work together to address the issues that are most important in our community.

Our management team

Information about our management structure

Our performance

Information about our performance and targets

Our property and assets

Information about the property we own and our assets

Our rules & regulations

Find out about our constitution, governance practice and internal audit provision.

Out of hours response

information about the out of hours callout service provided by environmental health

Outline planning consent - all matters reserved

This page provides details of submitting applications for outline planning consent with all matters reserved.

Outline planning consent - some matters reserved

This page provides details of submitting an application for outline permission - some matters reserved.

Overpayments of housing and council tax benefit

Details about Housing Benefit overpayments.

Overview of Sports and Leisure Opportunities

An overview of the work we do with our partners to deliver sport and leisure opportunities.

Ownership & agricultural holding certificates and notices to be completed

This page provides details on downloading certificates and agricultural holding certificate. The page also provides details of downloading notices to be served on landowner or press notice.
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