The above search facility allows you to search by area, reference number, location, for example, to find applications in your area.  You may also comment for or against a proposal through this facility (further advice given below).

Available Documents

Current Applications

All application forms, plans and supporting information submitted as part of a current application are available to view on our online Planning Application search, including officer reports.  Other information such as consultation responses (in the case of neighbours' responses, this would be a redacted copy) can be viewed on request.  Please email the details to to arrange.  We aim to deal with these requests within three working days.

Historic Applications

All our historic planning files are now scanned. If you can’t find the information/documentation you need, please email with the application reference number and the documents you would like to view.

Planning History Search

If you would like us to research the planning history, this is charged at £44 per half hour (or part thereof).  Alternatively you can request a Local Land Charge search. 

Routine Maintenance Downtime

We work on the system between 2am and 4am Tuesday to Saturday.  Your access may occasionally be affected between these times.


The plans and documentation published on these pages are protected by Copyright (section 47, 1988 Act).  You may use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation on current applications only.  Further copies must not be made without express consent of the copyright owner.

Comment on an Application 

We are legally required to publicise all planning applications, this is done by letter and/or notices at the site and/or notices in the local newspaper.  You can also see our weekly lists of planning applications.

Anyone can comment on a planning application, either for or against the proposal.  These must be on planning grounds and be made in writing within 21 days of the date on the published notification letter, site notice or local press notice.

Please quote the application number and the site address.

Before you comment, please read: Comment on a planning application (PDF 34kb)

What is a Valid Objection?

We can only take into account planning issues when considering your comments.  The list below is not exhaustive, but is designed to show the most common examples:

  • conflict with planning policies
  • design, appearance and materials
  • effect on a listed building or conservation area
  • highway safety
  • loss of light/overshadowing
  • loss of privacy
  • loss of trees
  • nature conservation
  • noise and disturbance resulting from use
  • previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions)
  • road access
  • visual amenity (but not loss of private view)

What Cannot Be Considered?

We cannot take into account matters which are not planning considerations. Again, the list below is not exhaustive but includes:

  • impact during construction
  • loss of property value
  • loss of trade and competitors
  • loss of a view
  • ownership disputes over rights of way
  • private disputes between neighbours including those related to a boundary
  • restrictive covenants

Requests for Copies of Representations

Copies of consultation responses that are not available on our website can be requested by emailing

We aim to deal with these requests within 3 working days.

Please note that all copies of neighbour responses will be redacted.

Representations/Keeping Your Personal Information Safe

All representations made in writing become part of the application file and are open to be viewed and copied by the applicant or other members of the public (if you would like to view redacted responses on an application, please email the details to to arrange an appointment).  Representations cannot be treated as confidential or kept private.

If you are making comments on a planning application, to reduce the chances of identity theft please remember to:

  • Include the minimum necessary personal information from correspondence – usually your name, address and, if you would like us to contact you in another way other than post, one form of other contact (telephone or email).
  • If you wish to send in comments by email, send them as an attachment to the email rather than in the email itself, so that your email address is not shown.
  • We will take into account unsigned comments on planning applications, but does require a name and a postal address.

Details such as names, signatures, personal telephone numbers and personal email addresses are redacted before being published on the internet.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)/Further Information

Individuals have a number of rights under data protection law, including the right to request their information. You also have a right to make a complaint about our handling of your personal data to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Further information is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office at Information Commissioner’s Office

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