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Information for new applicants and licence holders

Last Modified September 06, 2022

This page provides information for those currently working in the private hire and taxi industry or those who wish to start work as a driver or operator.  

New Applicant information 

Existing Licence Holders



 If you are new to the industry you should start by reading our applicants guidance document. You need two license to work as a private hire or hackney carriage driver - one for you to be the a driver and one for the vehicle you use.  If you wish to work as a private hire driver you will also need to work for a licensed operator, or apply for private hire operator licence.

 You can apply for these licences below.  As certain steps are required to be taken and are time sensitive new applicants are recommended to wait until they are licensed as a driver before seeking to licence a vehicle.

Existing licence holders as well as those wishing to enter the trade are expected to be familiar with the councils current licensing policy. This can be read here:Taxi Policy 2022 (PDF 1.50 Mb)


Licence conditions

 The following conditions will be imposed on all licences granted by the council:

Private hire driver licence conditions
Private hire and hackney carriage vehicle licence conditions
Operator licence conditions
Hackney carriage byelaws

 What you must tell the council

You are required by your licence conditions to notify us when certain matters occur such as:

  • You are arrested, bailed, cautioned or convicted;
  • You receive a driving endorsement; 
  • You change your name or address;
  • There is a change in your medical health or fitness;
  • Your vehicle is involved in an accident or is damaged;
  • You have changed the colour of your vehicle or registration number;
  • You have a new/updated document such as your driving licence or passport.


Your conditions will tell you if there is a time limit within which you should tell us. However we recommend that you always tell us as soon as possible.  You can tell us by emailing the licensing team 



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