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Procurement and selling to the council

Last Modified April 25, 2016

We spend around £14m a year on a wide range of goods, works and services, using lots of different kinds of organisations. These include small and local companies, blue chip organisations, not-for-profit organisations and in-house provision. 

The type of provision we use is decided at an options appraisal stage of our procurement process and focuses on what method will deliver value for money to our community.

Our Procurement Strategy sets out a clear framework for purchases that reflect our Corporate Plan and stand alongside our Constitution.

You can see our list of current contracts and read our Terms and conditions of Purchase Order.

Please see our Expenditure Over 5k report. 

We also have a Selling to the Council guide.

For further advice:

Call Andrew Harper, Head of Procurement, at our offices below or email procurement@hertsmere.gov.uk



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